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Setting Sail To A Dream Career: Opportunities And Insights Into Cruise Ship Jobs

In this text, the reader will find information about what professions are found on a cruise ship and what conditions must be met in order to get a job on the ship. The article also briefly talks about what requirements are presented to a particular profession.

A cruise ship is not just a ship, it is a whole floating city. Many people go on cruises to see several cities and countries where the ship stops. There is everything you need for relaxation: several restaurants and bars, a spa centre, a fitness centre, sports grounds, a theatre, water slides, a casino, a library, an art gallery, shops. Guests can enjoy entertainment activities such as live music evenings, theatre performances, bingo, volleyball and others.

Due to the scale of the ship, a large number of staff are needed to ensure a comfortable stay for guests. Therefore, there are always many job opportunities on cruise ships.

Crucial Conditions

The most essential criteria that must be met to work on a cruise ship:


Some companies accept candidates from 18 years old, while for others the lower threshold is 21 years old.

No Visa Violations Or Criminal Records

A person with visa violations or a criminal record may simply not be allowed into the country, and thus will not be able to work on the ship. The absence of a criminal record will need to be confirmed by a certificate.


A person who wants to get a job on a ship must have good health. Every day there you will have to spend up to 12 hours on your feet, carry heavy trays, set tables and clean the halls. Therefore, people with serious illnesses, such as heart disease or diabetes, will not be able to board the ship.

Tattoo And Piercing

This applies to items on visible parts of the body: face, neck, arms and legs. Most companies do not allow people to work with tattoos on parts of their bodies visible to guests.

Knowledge Of English

For excellent interaction with guests and comfortable work on the ship, competent speech is necessary. Therefore, if the person being hired is not a native English speaker, then the level of proficiency should still be high.

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Jobs In Demand On The Liner

There is a wide range of vacancies in cruise ships with different responsibilities you can find on online websites. Here are some of the most popular fields.

Cleaning Field

In this area the requirements are minimal. These are the easiest positions in terms of mental effort, but the hardest physically.

  • Pool worker. The main requirement here is the ability to swim;
  • Laundry worker. The employer does not require any special skills for this vacancy. Plus, they can give a raise if you progress;
  • Maids. They are cleaning the rooms. Fluency in English is required, as well as experience (preferably in large hotels);
  • Cleaner. Unlike maids, who are involved in cleaning rooms, people in this position clean public areas;
  • Coordinator. To reach this position, you will have to work for some time as an assistant coordinator. The requirements, as for a maid, are good English and rich experience. It is necessary to ensure strict compliance with norms and requirements.

Cooking Field

There is always work abroad on a cruise ship for representatives of this profession. But the selection here is tougher than for the previous position. There are several options:

  • Cook. Special education, experience and knowledge of English are required. The main responsibility is cooking dishes;
  • Chef. The requirements are approximately the same, but it is necessary to have experience in restaurants or other similar establishments. This person is in charge of the menu.
  • Bartender. This position involves working in a bar for at least a year and speaking English at a high level. It is also required to monitor the cleanliness and stock of the bar.


Usually this position starts as an assistant, and you can grow into a senior waiter. This position requires a high level of language proficiency and experience in the field.


There is a place for almost every profession on a cruise ship. We have only touched on some of the positions that can be found on board. There are also musicians, singers and dancers. There are store workers, spa workers, gym workers and many others.

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