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facts about mount everest
15 Jan

14 Major Facts About Mount Everest

Mount Everest is one of the most commanding natural peaks on the planet – it really does have a big reputation to work up to! As such, there are plenty of interesting figures and statistics about the mountain that are worth remembering. Here are some fun facts about Mount Everest you might want to remember …
Tibet Facts
12 Jan

17 Thrilling Facts About Tibet

Tibet is well-known for its incredible natural beauty and its rich Buddhist history – it has come under some controversy over the years with regard to its relationship with China, however, Tibet remains a mountainous, truly breath-taking region well worth enjoying. Here are some fun facts about Tibet that might just impress you. 1. The …
interesting facts about Nepal
28 Oct

16 Noteworthy Facts About Nepal

If you’re lucky enough to be moving to the Himalayas or you have friends or family that live on the shores of the Ganges, take a look at these 16 fun facts about Nepal and impress the locals with your extensive knowledge! 1. Where is Nepal? Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia. It …
facts about mountains
28 Jul

12 Monumental Facts About Mountains

The global landscape is truly fascinating! There are some unbelievable highs and stunning lows to be seen all around. Of course, some of our most spectacular landscape features are mountains – and these can be found all over the world, from Wales to China. How many mountains have you conquered already? Regardless of your own …
interesting facts about The Himalayas
5 Jan

10 Happy Facts About The Himalayan Mountains

Ever wanted to scale the heavens? The Himalayas mountain range is likely to be a great place to start! Many people have attempted to climb Mount Everest, for example – and this chilly range of peaks remains some of the most majestic you’ll see from up close or afar. Here are some fun facts about …