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16 Noteworthy Facts About Nepal

If you’re lucky enough to be moving to the Himalayas or you have friends or family that live on the shores of the Ganges, take a look at these 16 fun facts about Nepal and impress the locals with your extensive knowledge!

1. Where is Nepal?

Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia.

It is bordered by China to the north and India to the east, south and west.

2. Here’s your compass details.

To land yourself in the mystical beauty of the Himalayas or the broad plains of the Ganges, head for the coordinates 26.5333° N, 86.7333°

3. It’s rugged and beautiful.

The terrain here features the stunning flat river plains of the Ganges in the south; the center of the country is hilly, whilst the north boasts the rugged Himalayan mountains!

Nepalese Flag
Flag of Nepal

4. It’s pretty big.

The total land area of Nepal is 56,827 square miles (147,181 square kilometers)…that’s slightly larger than England.

5. But at the same time, Nepal is relatively sparse.

Nepal’s population was 30.55 million in 2022…that’s just less than 2/3 the population of England.

6. What do Nepal residents call themselves?

Although there is no official name for residents of Nepal, they are known as either Nepali (both singular and plural) or Nepalese.

7. What’s the capital of Nepal?

The capital is Kathmandu; it covers an area of 19 square miles (50 square kilometers) and had a population of 1.442 million in 2020.

8. The climate across Nepal really varies!

The Nepalese enjoy subtropical summers and mild winters in the south, whilst the north of the country experiences cool summers and severe winters!

9. There’s a record-holder in the ranks.

Nepal boasts the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest. In fact, Nepal is home to 8 of the world’s highest mountain peaks!

Mountain Yak in Nepal
Mountain yak

10. It’s a wildlife spotter’s paradise.

It’s possible to witness a plethora of wildlife in Nepal, including the Asiatic Rhino, Sloth Bear, Barking Deer, Spotted Deer, Crocodile, Sambar Deer, Leopards, Tigers and over 800 species of birdlife!

11. You can speak English freely in Nepal.

The official languages of Nepal are Nepali and English, although a total of 123 languages are spoken in this majestic country!

12. What should you change your cash into?

Nepalese Rupee is the official currency here.

fun facts about Nepal
Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

13. The life span here isn’t huge.

The average life span here is 68.45 years (2021).

14. Nepal has a unique flag.

The Nepalese flag is the only flag in the world that isn’t quadrilateral (meaning it’s not a rectangle)!

15. Nepal has close links to the UK.

Since 1815 Nepalese Gurkha soldiers have been an integral part of the British Army!

Street market in Nepal with food for sale
Street market in Nepal

16. Nepal’s produce is pretty varied!

Nepal grows rice, wheat, corn and sugarcane; they also rear cattle and produce milk.

Its industry consists of tourism, textiles, carpets, jute, sugar, rice, cigarettes and the production of cement and bricks.

Nepal exports clothing, carpets, leather goods, grain and jute goods.

FAQs about Nepal

Is Nepal safe to travel to?

Nepal generally finishes middle in terms of country ‘safety lists’, but that’s not to do with crime - it’s prone to natural disasters and mountaineering accidents. Tread carefully!

What is Nepal known for?

As well as for its famous mountains and adventure potential, Nepal has grown popular in recent years for its fantastic outdoor sports opportunities - skydiving off Mount Everest, for example, is entirely possible!

What’s the most famous food from Nepal?

Nepal is perhaps best known for a lentil soup dish, which is served alongside a type of regional curry - it’s a really filling meal, and it’s called dal bhat.

Do you know any fun facts about Nepal? Share them in the comments below!

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