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Facts about Winsconsin
27 Feb

10 Worthwhile Facts About Wisconsin

Known for cold winters and warm people, Wisconsin is one of the most fascinating US states. But is it really all about the cheese? Not at all – here are some fantastic and fun facts about Wisconsin that may just surprise you. 1. Where is Wisconsin? Known as a state in the Midwest, Wisconsin can …
interesting facts about Michigan
24 Feb

11 Interesting Facts About Michigan

How much do you know about the US state of Michigan? As it turns out, it’s not all about lakes and cakes. However, they’re pretty important to the state as a whole! Let’s take a look at some fun facts about Michigan that you may want to remember for a few pub quizzes down the …
Minnesota skyline
17 Jan

12 Mighty facts about Minnesota

The absolute gorgeous scenery surrounding Minnesota state has to be seen to be believed. It’s known as the ‘land of 10,000 lakes’ for a reason – it’s absolutely full of wonderful waterways and walks! This historically rich state is well known for its farming, its wildlife and its European heritage. Let’s take a look at …
facts about the lake superior
23 Sep

11 Lavish Facts about Lake Superior

As one of the most beautiful spots on Earth and a very popular tourist site, Lake Superior is known across the globe! People from all over travel to the lake every year to explore the clear waters, shipwrecks, and incredible wildlife in the area. But Lake Superior has so much more to it, and many …
interesting facts about Canada
3 Apr

20 Captivating Facts About Canada

Looking to boost your knowledge of the big wide world and better your chance of being crowned the next geography quiz champion? Why not start with these fun facts about Canada! 1. Canada’s name has incredible origins. The word ‘Canada’ itself comes from the word Kanata, which means ‘settlement’ or ‘village’ in the language of …
facts about USA
17 Mar

26 Uncensored Facts About The USA

If you have family or friends who live in the USA or if you’re looking to move here, take a look at these 26 fun facts about the USA and impress the locals with your quiz-busting knowledge! 1. The USA is MASSIVE The USA is a large country consisting of 50 states in North America. …