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10 Worthwhile Facts about Wisconsin

Known for cold winters and warm people, Wisconsin is one of the most fascinating US states. But is it really all about the cheese? Not at all – here are some fantastic and fun facts about Wisconsin that may just surprise you.

1. Where is Wisconsin?

Known as a state in the Midwest, Wisconsin can be found bordered by Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, and Iowa. It is also bordered by two of the great lakes in the country, Lake Superior and Lake Michigan.

2. Home of… Swiss cheese?

If you know anything about Wisconsin, it’s that it’s big on cheese! Some of the most famous cheeses to come from the state include cupola, marbled blue-jack, Colby, muenster, BellaVitano, and even Swiss cheese! If you have ever had Swiss cheese in the US, the chances are it was not actually from Switzerland and was actually from Wisconsin!

3. Meet the meat!

Wisconsin isn’t just known for its cheeses. It also happens to be very big on sausages, too! The bratwurst, in particular, is a Wisconsin delicacy – in fact, there are multiple festivals yearly in Wisconsin celebrating the famous sausage, including the world-famous Brat Fest.

State flag of Wisconsin

State flag of Wisconsin

4. It joined the Union midway through.

Wisconsin may seem like it’s been a part of the US forever, but it was actually only the 30th of 50 states admitted to the Union. That makes it a midway state, but still one of the most important.

5. Where does the name “Wisconsin” come from?

The name of the state has a pretty long story, so bear with us! The name “Wisconsin” actually came from the Algonquian word “Meskonsing.” It is thought that the native word meant “river running through a red place” or “red river.” Either way, it is believed to have stemmed from the redness of the local waters.

6. Do you know your Wisconsin celebrities?

Aside from cheese and sausages, Wisconsin has also brought us some of the world’s most talented people. Some of the most famous people to come from Wisconsin include Mark Ruffalo, Rachel Brosnahan, Skylar Grey, Liberace, Orson Welles, Tyne Daly, Gene Wilder, Trixie Mattel, Colin Kaepernick, Danica Patrick, Tony Shalhoub… and the list goes on!

7. Anyone for sundaes?

Although the state is well known for its cold and bitter winters, that doesn’t keep the Wisconsinites from enjoying frozen foods! It is believed that about 21 million gallons of ice cream are consumed annually in Wisconsin – now that sure is a lot of sundaes!

8. It’s the TP capital of the world… no, really!

Wisconsin is also intriguingly known as the world’s toilet paper capital. More specifically, Green Bay holds this honor! This is due to their mass production of toilet paper, specifically during the Great Depression – so now you know who to thank the next time you take a comfort break… where would the Charmin bear be without Wisconsin?

Blackhawk Island, Fort Atkinson, WI, United States

Blackhawk Island, Fort Atkinson, WI, United States

9. Don’t badger a Wisconsinite!

The state symbol of Wisconsin is the badger. And, no, that isn’t because there are a lot of badgers here! It’s actually in reference to the miners who used to create tunnels in the area, as badgers do. However, you will still find plenty of these burrowing mammals across the state (and you probably won’t have to look too hard).

10. And, a final fact roundup.

Wisconsin’s state bird is the American robin, its state flower is the wood violet, and its biggest city is Milwaukee, although its capital city is Madison. Its common abbreviation is WI; as of 2021, about 5.896 million people live in Wisconsin!

Sheboygan, Wisconsin, United States

Sheboygan, Wisconsin, United States

FAQs about Wisconsin

What is Wisconsin most known for?

Wisconsin is arguably best known for its incredible cheese production. It is also pretty well known for its beer, as it is the home of the famous Miller Brewing Company!

How much snow does Wisconsin get?

On average, Wisconsin gets about 40 to 50 inches of snow every year! And it can get up to 100 and 125 inches in the Vilas County region!

How long is winter in Wisconsin?

Although it does indeed get very cold, there’s no need to worry, it won’t last forever! In fact, the winter in Wisconsin lasts for about three months. It generally starts getting very cold at the end of November and starts to get warm again at the beginning of March. The coldest month in the state is usually January.

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