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20 Worthwhile Facts about Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a staple state of the American Midwest, though you might be forgiven for thinking that all the state has to offer are cheese and massive lakes! However, there’s actually plenty more to Wisconsin than actively meets the eye.

As always, we are here with a fact file to help clue you in on everything you can expect from the state, and hopefully teach you some new and interesting facts about Wisconsin along the way!

  1. Wisconsin is known to many as a state in the Midwest which borders two of the biggest lakes in the region. Namely, it borders Lake Superior and Lake Michigan.
  2. In fact, many people head out to Wisconsin for the sheer number of fantastic nature trails and outdoor activity opportunities available. When people in America talk about the Great Outdoors, they may well have been talking about Wisconsin.
  3. Of course, Wisconsin is also known for its incredible cheese production and heritage. If you’ve ever sampled Swiss cheese before in the US, there’s a very good chance it’s from Wisconsin, rather than Europe.
State flag of Wisconsin

State flag of Wisconsin

  1. Wisconsin is, however, also well-known for its take on the bratwurst, despite being a fair few miles away from Germany. The state plays host to several big festivals celebrating the sausage, with the ‘Brat Fest’ being of particular interest.
  2. However, you’ll also find that Sheboygan is referred to across the state as the Bratwurst capital of the world. That’s a pretty proud title – but how do the sausages here measure up to Germany’s best? Only true Brat fans know for sure.
  3. Wisconsin was admitted to the Union fairly late into proceedings. It was the 30th state admitted.
  1. The name of this state seems to derive from the local river. That itself, is thought to come from a similar word, meskonsing. It’s thought that this native word may translates to the redness of the river. Otherwise, the name of Wisconsin is interesting as it does not have any other clear links to specific native words.
  2. There are many famous people who hail from Wisconsin state, including actors Mark Ruffalo, Willem Dafoe and piano virtuoso Liberace.
  3. Wisconsin was also home to Les Paul, who many music fans will know as the father of the modern electric guitar. He lies in rest in Waukesha.
Blackhawk Island, Fort Atkinson, WI, United States

Blackhawk Island, Fort Atkinson, WI, United States

  1. Wisconsin is also the home base of The Onion, a hugely popular news satire site which commands millions of clicks each day all over the world.
  2. Wisconsin residents love their ice cream. It’s thought that the state consumes around 21 million gallons every year.
  3. Wisconsin is the birthplace of a variety of different modern items and faculties, such as the QWERTY keyboard. We wouldn’t be typing this out to you without it!
  4. Wisconsin appears to be a hunting capital of the Midwest, as it’s thought that people here hunt up to 200,000 deer per season – certainly, it was close to that number in 2015. And that’s only over a period of nine days!
  5. Wisconsin is, oddly enough, known as the toilet paper capital of the world. That honor, specifically, goes to Green Bay.
  6. Wisconsin holds the title of being the ginseng capital of the US! As well as being top on cheese and lakeside jaunts, you’ll find that more ginseng is grown here than anywhere else in the country. What’s more, it’s thought Wisconsin produces around 10% of the world’s ginseng supplies!
Sheboygan, Wisconsin, United States

Sheboygan, Wisconsin, United States

  1. The state played host to the first-ever circus in the US. You’d have been able to catch a travelling show for the first time down in Delavan.
  2. Wisconsin has a state symbol – the badger – but this refers more to mining workers who use to burrow down like badgers to create tunnels.
  3. Flag Day has roots in Wisconsin. It’s thought the first celebration unfolded over in Ozaukee.
  4. Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, is thought to be home to a unique festival and celebration. That is, it’s home to the biggest sweetcorn festival of its kind across the whole of the US!
  5. Wisconsin is so large and so central that it’s thought around a third of US citizens live within 500 miles of the state.

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