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US Senate
17 Jun

26 Sensible Facts About the US Senate

Who keeps the US running? Half of the time, it’s the US Senate, an elected body that makes up an important chunk of the American government. It is the Senate that helps to protect and ensure the democracy of the country. The Senate has been around for centuries – without it, arguably, the country wouldn’t …
Car accident
22 Feb

A Look at Car Accident Statistics in Atlanta

Recent studies reveal Atlanta contends with some of America’s most dangerous roads and intersections based on the number of serious accidents. Georgia crash deaths have trended upward as well, exacerbated by reckless driving behaviors. If injured on Atlanta highways, expert assistance from Atlanta car accident attorneys proves vital to recovering damages. Common Causes of Accidents …
napa valley
2 Jan

8 Nifty Facts about Napa Valley

If you’re living in the US and enjoy the odd glass of wine here and there, it’s likely you’ve heard of Napa Valley before! This Californian territory measures over 2,000 square kilometers and plays host to some of the most important vineyards in the US. But, is there more to Napa Valley than alcoholic grape …
The Yukon
27 Dec

9 Youthful Facts about the Yukon

The Yukon is one of the most spectacular park regions you’ll ever hope to visit across North America – it’s a huge, sparse territory to the northwest of Canada that’s home to some spectacular natural sights – making it a fantastic tourist spot for hikers and photographers. Whether you love the Yukon or you’re looking …
vancouver, british columbia
18 Dec

11 Cool Facts about British Columbia

Replete with mountains, gorgeous forests, and even a coastline bordering the Pacific Ocean, it’s safe to say British Columbia is one of the best-loved vacation destinations for people who want to get back to nature. Home to skiing and glacier spotting, too, there’s lots to dig into here. If you’re planning a trip in the …
11 Dec

13 Mind-blowing Facts about Missouri

Known for its vast farmlands, rich history, and fascinating culture, who wouldn’t want to visit Missouri? It’s also well-known for its links to some of the best-known and loved US literature of all time. Instead of hopping on a jet and visiting Missouri, how about we all learn a bit more about this state together? …
boston skyline
22 Nov

9 Bold Facts about Boston

The heart of the state of Massachusetts, Boston, is a city that’s been a part of the US landscape for almost 400 years – and with 650,000+ people calling the area home, it’s safe to say it’s one of the most populous areas state-wide. Whether you’re a Boston native or you’re planning a visit, there’s …
20 Nov

10 Notable Facts about the NRA

The NRA, or National Rifle Association, is one of the most famous organizations in the USA – its members believe in the right to bear arms, one of the cornerstones of the US Constitution. They have made headlines multiple times due to their strong views on guns, specifically gun control across the US – but, …
facts about los angeles
14 Nov

11 Star-studded Facts about Los Angeles

Los Angeles is easily one of the most famous cities in the world! Known for being the home of American cinema, a place for dreams and dreamers, and a backdrop for countless famous TV shows, it’s no wonder so many people are in awe of Los Angeles and all that it has given the world! …
nova scotia header
10 Nov

10 Chilly Facts about Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is a pretty chilly province of Canada that many of you out there have probably already visited. But did you know that it’s UNESCO-recognized and that it boasts fortresses, high tides, and lobsters by the basketful? Sit tight, and we’ll take you through some fun facts about Nova Scotia to influence your next …
Ohio header
26 Oct

11 Outstanding Facts about Ohio

Ever took a trip out to explore Ohio before? Famous for providing the US with multiple Presidents, its rock and roll history, and its incredible Great Lake views, Ohio’s a state that proves popular with both visitors and citizens from city to city. If you’re looking to learn more about some US states, our fun …
facts about mississippi 1
23 Oct

12 Massive Facts about Mississippi

Mississippi may be a pain to spell with all those consonants, but it is one of the most famous American states – and for good reason. And no, it’s not because of the long name. It’s played a huge part in some of the most important music to come out of the US, and you’re …
16 Oct

11 Stunning Facts about Yellowstone

Yellowstone is best known as the US’ oldest national Park – and, yes, for hosting a supervolcano! This truly huge Park is an immense tourist attraction for the state of Wyoming – but there’s more to Yellowstone than meets the eye. Whether you’re planning a trip or simply want to top up on your National …
facts about georgia
27 Sep

11 Gorgeous Facts about Georgia State

If you’re a big fan of peaches, wine, and fascinating architecture, there’s plenty to see in Georgia, one of the most memorable states in the south of the US. It’s one of the oldest settlements in the country, and while it’s played a pivotal role in politics over the past few years, there’s much more …
facts about washington dc
21 Sep

12 Discreet Facts about the District of Columbia

The District of Columbia, or alternatively Washington, D.C., as most of us know it, is one of the most iconic locations across the United States. Known for being the country’s capital, it welcomes visitors from all over the world every year. But how much do you know about this important city? Here are some fun …
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