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8 Nifty Facts about Napa Valley

If you’re living in the US and enjoy the odd glass of wine here and there, it’s likely you’ve heard of Napa Valley before! This Californian territory measures over 2,000 square kilometers and plays host to some of the most important vineyards in the US. But, is there more to Napa Valley than alcoholic grape juice? Let’s find out with some fun facts about Napa Valley.

1. Despite its popularity, Napa Valley is actually pretty small.

Napa Valley might be world-famous as one of the US’ most prolific vineyard regions, however, it’s actually one of the smallest wine-growing spots across the country. Weirdly enough, less than 4% of all wine made in the US comes from here – and yet it’s still so popular!

2. There are plenty of cult wines to sample out here.

Napa Valley has, over the years, grown popular for its dedication to “cult wines.” These are wines produced in Napa that are extremely rare to spot – and are even more expensive to buy as a result. Some of the most legendary wines made here include the Screaming Eagle – spot a bottle, and you’d do well to savor it!

3. Napa Valley benefits from a Mediterranean climate.

The incredible vineyards in Napa are only so good at producing wine grapes thanks to the incredible weather they witness every summer. Believe it or not, there’s only 2% of the globe that benefits from a climate like this – why not make wine with it, indeed?

That said, Napa Valley is also impressively diverse when it comes to terrain. There are volcanic soils out here – the geography’s changed immensely over the past 150 million years!

Grape vines in Napa Valley

4. Studies show that Napa Valley is great for the American economy.

Yes – while Napa is certainly small when compared to other wine territories, it packs a punch when it comes to pulling in the big bucks. It’s thought the region is responsible for at least $50 billion – and that’s based on 2014 figures, so we likely have the vineyards to thank for much more nowadays.

5. There are vineyards up high and down low.

It’s a misconception that the vineyards of Napa Valley are all in one big dip – the name would suggest it has a bowl shape – but believe it or not, there are wine farms here based as high as 2,600 feet off the ground! There’s even grapes growing at sea level.

6. The “Judgment of Paris” put Napa on the wine map.

Wine experts will likely wax lyrical about the infamous “Judgment of Paris” in 1976, where a blind taste test saw chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon from Napa pitted against luxurious bottles from Paris, France. Of course, France is well-known for being the wine capital of the world – so imagine the shock when Napa’s wines came out on top in the test!

7. They’ve been making wine here since 1858.

The Napa Valley wine trade exploded shortly after the California Gold Rush – as John Pratchett and Charles Krug set up the first winery here in the mid 19th-century. Within four decades, Pratchett and Krug’s first winery had grown into 139 more – impressive growth!

8. Land here sells for around $300,000 an acre.

That’s one of the highest Napa Valley sales, anyway. There’s speculation that suggests Napa Valley land might be as valuable as a cool million per acre! It’s a far cry from the mid-20th century, when an acre would have cost you around $1,000 an acre – inflation aside, that’s some serious taste for wine!

ripe grapes in Napa Valley

FAQs about Napa Valley

What makes Napa Valley so famous?

Napa Valley, California, is most famous for its vineyards and its hugely popular wines – they’re some of the most sought-after in the US. However, people also visit Napa for the incredible climate and the rolling scenery across the vineyards.

Why is Napa so expensive?

Growing grapes and making wine in Napa Valley is actually pretty costly. The costs of water and the value of land, in particular, are thought to be expensive. What’s more, very few bottles of wine are produced from each vineyard each year – they’re true collectors’ items.

How much is a bottle of wine from Napa Valley?

If you want to purchase a Napa Valley wine, you’re likely to need at least $100 for an average bottle.

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