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10 Chilly Facts about Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is a pretty chilly province of Canada that many of you out there have probably already visited. But did you know that it’s UNESCO-recognized and that it boasts fortresses, high tides, and lobsters by the basketful? Sit tight, and we’ll take you through some fun facts about Nova Scotia to influence your next vacation.

1. You’ll find Nova Scotia in the northeast part of Canada.

Nova Scotia is one of Canada’s ten provinces, and it’s located in the northeastern region of the country – meaning it’s surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Halifax is known as the provincial capital and the largest city in Nova Scotia, where over 430,000 people live at present.

2. Its name means New Scotland!

Yes, believe it or not, the name “Nova Scotia” is actually Latin for “New Scotland.” The name reflects the province’s Scottish heritage. However, the area is also often referred to as the “Bluenose Province” after the famous racing schooner Bluenose, which is featured on the Canadian dime. An area of many names, then!

3. There are all kinds of terrain and geography to explore out here.

There’s more to Nova Scotia than Halifax, as it is famous for its diverse geography. It has coastal regions, rugged coastlines, forests, lakes, and numerous islands. It’s a real hodge-podge of natural sights that vacationers love to explore on foot and by car.

Fun Facts about Nova Scotia

4. It has old towns and fortresses.

Nova Scotia is famously home to several historic sites. These include the Fortress of Louisbourg, a reconstructed 18th-century French fortress, and the UNESCO-listed Old Town Lunenburg – where at last count, only 2,263 people called home.

5. It has a rich Acadian culture.

Nova Scotia has a rich Acadian heritage, meaning many of the people here hail from Acadia, a colony to the East of Canada that belonged to France. As such, Nova Scotia has communities like Grand-Pré preserving their French culture and history.

6. It also has a rich indigenous heritage.

The Mi’kmaq, an indigenous First Nations people, have a significant presence in Nova Scotia – in fact, there are thousands of Mi’kmaq people living across the region, as part of 13 different communities.

7. It plays a huge role in the world fishing industry.

Nova Scotia plays an important role in seafood, particularly in the harvesting of lobsters and scallops, trading worldwide. In fact, the town of Yarmouth is often referred to as the “Lobster Capital of the World.”

8. You can see the province from the Cabot Trail.

The famous Cabot Trail is a scenic roadway that takes you through Cape Breton Highlands National Park – visitors get to see all kinds of gorgeous natural sights, such as the famous Gulf of St. Lawrence.

9. Nova Scotia is impressively musical, too.

Nova Scotia has a vibrant music and cultural scene. Celtic, folk, and maritime traditions are often celebrated through festivals and events – and you’ll frequently find people playing the fiddle and the bagpipes here, fitting in with traditions dating back hundreds of years. Try and see a show or two the next time you visit!

Interesting Facts about Nova Scotia

10. There are famous last names in the area

Many Nova Scotians have historic connections to famous families, including the Titanic survivor Molly Brown and the inventor Alexander Graham Bell. Other famous Nova Scotians include Elliot Page, Leslie Hope, and James Tupper!

FAQs about Nova Scotia

Why is Nova Scotia so famous?

Nova Scotia is famous for being nearly entirely surrounded by water. It has over 13,000 km or 8,077 miles of coastline, along with lakes, valleys, and the world’s highest tides!

Is Nova Scotia mostly Scottish?

Scotland has a big cultural influence on Nova Scotia. The largest ethnic group in the province is Scottish, with nearly 30% of the population being of said descent.

Is Nova Scotia a good place to live?

Nova Scotia is known for being one of the best places to live in Canada! Thanks to its stunning natural life, rich industries, and kind people, Nova Scotia is a great place to visit and reside in.

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