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🇲🇵 16 Fun Facts about Northern Mariana Islands

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  1. Northern Mariana Islands is a group of 22 islands and islets in the Pacific Ocean.
  2. It is bordered by Taiwan to the northwest, Japan to the north, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia and Indonesia to the southeast, Guam and Papua New Guinea to the south and Philippines to the west.
  3. The coordinates for Northern Mariana Islands are 17.0000° N, 146.0000°
Flag of Northern Mariana Islands

Flag of Northern Mariana Islands

  1. The southern islands are mostly flat limestone and coastal coral reefs, whilst the northern islands consist of volcanic mountain peaks.
  2. The total land area of this beautiful country is just 184 square miles (477 square kilometers).
  3. Northern Mariana Islands’ population was 57,557 in 2020.
  1. The capital is Saipan which covers an area of 44.6 square miles (115.4 square kilometers) and has a population of 48,220 (2010).
  2. The average life span here is 75.7 years (2018).
  3. The residents of Northern Mariana Islands enjoy a tropical marine climate with little seasonal temperature variation. There is a dry season from December to June, whilst the wet season is from July to October.

facts about Northern Marianas Islands

  1. The official languages of Northern Mariana Islands are English, Carolinian and Chamorro.
  2. As a US overseas territory, it’s unsurprising that the US Dollar is the official currency here.
  3. Water sports are highly popular around the islands, with jet skiing and windsurfing for the adrenaline junkies and snorkelling and scuba diving for the nature lovers – perfect!
Saipan Island, Marianas

Saipan Island, Marianas

  1. In fact, Saipan alone boasts 18 separate dive sites, one of which is renowned as one of the best in the world, where you can explore coral reefs, caves, caverns and even WWII relics!
  2. Northern Mariana Islands grows vegetables, fruits, nuts and ornamental plants, rears livestock and poultry, catches fish and produces aquaculture products.
  3. Its industry consists of tourism, banking, fishing, construction, garments and handicrafts.
  4. Northern Mariana Islands also exports garments.

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