interesting facts about Baku

17 Brilliant Facts about Baku

Like to know a little more about the capital cities of the world? Take a look at these 18 interesting facts about Baku!

Geographical stats…

  1. Baku is the capital city of Azerbaijan.
  2. Wondering how to say the name of this wonderful city? It’s pronounced Bah-koo.
  3. The total land area of Baku is 820 square miles (2,130 square kilometers)…
Flag of Azerbaijan

Flag of Azerbaijan

  1. …that’s more than 200 square miles larger than Greater London.
  2. Baku’s population was 2,374,000 in 2015…
  3. …that’s just over 1/4 of the population of Greater London…
  4. …and gives it a population density of around 2,895 residents per square mile.
  5. Baku is located 92 ft below sea level!
  6. In fact, Baku is one of only two capital cities that are officially below sea level; the other is Amsterdam!
  1. Residents of Baku are known as Bakuvians or Azerbaijanis.
  2. Bakuvians enjoy a temperate semi-arid climate with strong winds throughout the year, warm and dry summers, cool and wet winters, a large temperature variation and an average annual temperature of 15.1°C.
  3. Looking to fly yourself to Baku? You’ll need the coordinates of 40.4093° N, 49.8671° E.

interesting facts about Baku

  1. Baku is rich in history – it has actually been an ancient trade route since Roman times where goods would be traded between Central Asia and the west!
  2. Make sure you visit the Naftalan Spa if you’re in Baku; if you’re looking for an unusual spa experience then this is definitely for you! Popular since the 6th Century BC and said to heal everything from impotence to skin issues, bathing in crude oil is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Facts about Baku, Azerbaijan

Social intricacies

  1. The official language of Baku is Azerbaijani.
  2. Azerbaijani New Manat is the official currency here.
  3. Azerbaijan welcomed 2,160,000 tourists into the country in 2014, many of whom visited Baku for its rich history and stunning modern buildings, including the Flame Towers!

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