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🇬🇼 17 Great Facts about Guinea-Bissau

Looking to boost your knowledge of the big wide world and increase your chances of being crowned the next pub quiz champion? Get started by learning these 17 fun facts about Guinea-Bissau!

  1. Formerly Portuguese Guinea, Guinea-Bissau is a country in West Africa, off the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. It also includes numerous offshore islands of varying sizes.
  2. Its nearest countries are Senegal to the north and Guinea to the east and south east.
  3. It has an area of 13,946 square miles (36,120 square kilometers).
Flag of Guinea Bissau

Flag of Guinea Bissau

  1. If using your own transport to get to Guinea-Bissau, make sure you write down its coordinates of 12.0000° N, 15.0000°
  2. Guinea-Bissau’s population was 1.968 million in 2020.
  3. Bissau is the capital and covers an area of 29.7 square miles (77 square kilometers) and has a population of 473,000 (2014).
  1. The terrain here is mostly flat and low lying with glorious sandy beaches, with the Savannah to the east.
  2. Guinea-Bissau enjoys a tropical climate with generally hot and humid weather, with a rainy season from June to November.
  3. Contrary to what you might expect, residents here are called ‘Bissau-Guineans’, not ‘Guinea-Bissauans’!
  4. The average life expectancy here is 58.32 years (2019).
  5. The currency of Guinea-Bissau is the CFA (Communauté Financière Africaine).
Boat on the river Geba

River Geba, Guinea Bissau

  1. Although Crioulo, a Portuguese dialect, is spoken here (along with many African languages), the official language is actually Portuguese.
  2. Throughout Guinea-Bissau you’ll find villages full of delightful, traditional homes made from dried mud to create circular huts which are then thatched. Sounds lovely!
  3. They grow rice, beans, corn, cassava, peanuts, cashew nuts, palm kernels, cotton and timber here and catch fish.
  4. The country’s industry consists of making beer, soft drinks and processing agricultural products. We’d like to try their beers!
  5. Guinea-Bissau exports fish, shrimp, peanuts, cashews, palm kernels and sawn lumber.
  6. The international dialling code for Guinea-Bissau is +245.

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