interesting facts about Alcohol

18 Appealing Facts about Alcohol

Millions of people enjoy drinking alcohol every single day.  However, it’s a substance which can carry plenty of health issues for the drinker if abused.  Whether you like a tipple or are completely tea-total, here’s 18 interesting facts about alcohol worth keeping in mind.

  1. Alcohol is famous for making people ‘drunk’. That’s because it can have a huge effect on the brain and its various receptors.
  2. More than anything, alcohol is seen to relieve stress as well as create feelings of pleasure and happiness. This is thanks to the levels of dopamine it can help create in the brain.
  3. A survey in 2015 found that around 86% of adults have reportedly drunk alcohol at least once in their life.

interesting facts about Alcohol

  1. It’s impossible to digest alcohol. While consumption can upset your stomach occasionally – depending on what and how much you drink – it will always absorb straight into your blood.
  2. Alcohol is measured by percentage in popular drinks. It’s not uncommon for a beer to contain 5% alcohol, for example.
  3. However, the most alcohol-rich drink on the planet is a beer that boasts a 67.5% capacity. That’s a lot to take in!
  1. Alcohol can be deadly if abused. For example, it’s thought that up to six people a day, in the USA, die as a result of poisoning.
  2. This is despite the fact that the US has a relatively high drinking age threshold of 21. In the UK, it’s 18 in a pub, and 16 with a meal.
  3. Of all people who drink alcohol, men are more likely to consume it than women.
fun facts about alcohol

A pint of IPA beer

  1. Research seems to suggest that alcohol abuse increased hugely from 2001 to 2013.
  2. If you forget anything after a long drinking session, it’s not the booze that is to blame. It’s the fact that your brain starts to lose the power to create new memories if you drink too much.
  3. Despite the negative aspects that alcohol can bring to your health, it could in fact help to lower the chance of you developing heart disease.
  4. However, if you stop drinking, you will have 30% less chance of developing specific types of cancer.
  5. Studies show that alcohol dependency and alcoholism are more likely to occur in those who start drinking before the age of 15 years old.
  6. Some countries, such as Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, ban alcohol completely. These are known by some people as ‘dry countries’.

Fun Alcohol Facts

  1. Many people choose to stop drinking in January in an attempt to reverse the effects of Christmas and New Year celebrations. This is often called ‘Dry January’ in the UK.
  2. Russia, believe it or not, did not even consider beer to be an alcoholic drink until 2013.
  3. There are no types of alcoholic drink which are considered ‘safer’ than any other. For example, it is no safer to drink wine than it is to drink beer.  All alcoholic drinks have the same ingredients, to some degree.

Do you have any interesting, strange or fun facts about alcohol that we’ve missed?  Share them here in the comments section below!

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