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16 Fun Facts about Ancient Rome

If you’re someone who loves to read about history you’re going to be left wide eyed and open mouthed by today’s interesting facts about Ancient Rome…

  1. It’s thought Rome was founded by two brothers who were raised by a wolf.
  2. At its peak Rome was home to more than 1 million people.
  3. The emperor Nero is often blamed for doing nothing as the Great Fire of Rome reduced the city to ruins.
  4. The 250,000-seater Circus Maximus was home to chariot racing — the most popular sport of the age.
  5. If you wanted to get ahead of your opponent you could simply ram them off the road and carry on without getting penalised.

interesting facts about Ancient Rome

  1. The average life expectancy was typically never more than 30 in any given year because of the large number of women dying during labour.
  2. In its heyday, the Roman Empire accounted for 90 million people, or 20% of the global population.
  3. If you measure by surface area alone the Roman Empire was only the 25th biggest in history.
  4. The Romans and Persians were at war for a staggering 721 years.
  5. Roman wives were only permitted to appear naked in front of the husbands on their wedding night, and never again after that.
  1. The emperor Titus flooded the Colosseum in 86 AD and staged a mock sea battle.
  2. He also ordered bulls to be taught to swim for the crowd’s entertainment.
  3. Crepitus was the god of the toilet (we’re actually serious about this one folks).
  4. Romans used their own urine to whiten their teeth and wash their clothes. Lovely…
  5. Emperors would take a small amount of every known poison on a daily basis to try and make themselves immune to everything.
  6. The Romans used a sponge on a stick they called a “spongia” because no one had gotten round to inventing toilet paper just yet.

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