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20 Revealing Facts about Jack Russell Dogs

The Jack Russell terrier is an intelligent, independent, fearless, lively, and beautiful four-legged companion.  It will fill your life with laughter and love, but only if you provide it with the proper supervision, training, and attention essentially demanded by it.

A Jack demands consistent training! They’re known to wreak havoc when bored. Keep them intellectually and physically stimulated all day long though, and you won’t have any problems. They aren’t dogs that will sit quietly in the corner. They are regular divas and love to have everybody’s attention all for themselves.

Here are some fun facts about Jack Russell dogs that will help you understand their true nature.

1. They’re named after a dog from decades past.

John Russell, a priest from England, loved to hunt foxes and was always in search of a terrier who could accompany him during his expeditions. In 1819, he finally met a British white terrier. With the help of this breed, Russell created the perfect hunting companion- a Jack Russell terrier.

Fierce and confident, the terrier’s job was to drive the prey out of its burrow for the hunters to catch. As a result, the dog is lean and small but packed with courage.

2. They are small but plucky!

A Jack Russell can reach 10 to 15 inches in height and 14 to 18 pounds of weight.

Famous for its speed, agility, and ability to jump very high, it accomplishes excellent results at the competitions in agility.

3. You’ll never keep a good Jack down!

Being very jumpy and bouncy, they are capable of leaping more than five feet high.

Jack Russell Facts

4. Keep an eye on shedding!

Jack Russell terriers belong to the group of moderate shedders. Weekly brushing is more than enough for this breed.

5. They often have lots of siblings.

Females will give birth to litters of 4 to 8 puppies (6 on average).

6. Jacks tend to live long canine lives.

A Jack Russell has an average lifespan of 13 to 16 years.

7. Jacks come from more than one breed.

Although they come from a common ancestry, Jack Russell Terrier dogs were originally three different breeds.

8. There are different types of Jack coat.

Jack Russell terriers are available in 3 types of waterproof coats- broken, rough, or smooth coat type. Smooth coat dogs have short hair, rough coat dogs have long hair and the broken coats ones are a mixture of both.

9. Jacks are natural born diggers.

They love digging and can make a large number of holes in a very short time. It is easier to train a Jack terrier to dig a particular area than to make him drop the digging habit.

Long haired Jack Russell sleeping

10. Jacks need clear boundaries.

Jack Russell terriers need a lot of structured training early in life. These intelligent dogs tend to outsmart the average dog owner.

11. They also need a lot of space.

Jacks are not appropriate for apartment life or small houses. They are recreational barkers, wild and independent. They perform poorly if bound in the enclosed spaces especially that of an apartment.

12. Jacks work and play hard!

When outdoors, they are driven to work, energetic, hyperactive, and perform at their best. They possess very high energy levels and are excellent jogging companions.

Jack Russell holding a stick

13. A Jack can’t be trusted on their own.

They should never be trusted when unleashed as they are very strong at their prey. Preferably, they should be kept in a fenced area.

14. Keep felines away from Jacks!

They hardly mix up with cats. It’s usually a bad idea to keep both a cat and a Jack Russell dog inside the house.

15. Jacks will want to be by your side.

Jack terriers experience separation anxiety very quickly. Turning on the radio for your Jack Russell next time you leave the house will help keep it calm.

Fun Jack Russell Terrier Dog Facts

16. Bothy was a very fortunate explorer!

British explorers Ranulph and Ginny Fiennes traveled to the far ends of the Earth, often with their Jack Russell terrier, Bothy, in tow. In 1982, Bothy became the first dog to go to both the North and South Poles.

17. Jacks can struggle with hearing.

A Jack Russell Terrier’s white coat has been linked to the pigmentation genes associated with deafness. If you are the owner of a Jack Russell terrier, it’s always recommended that your dog has routine check-ups to ensure the quality of his health.

18. There’s a lot you will need to look into with Jacks and their health.

The most common health conditions for Jack Russell terriers are cataract, eye disorders, deafness, skin allergies, ear infections, benign tumors, arthritis, and hypothyroidism. Quite a lot to keep a check on!

Jack Russell Pup

19. You’ll have seen lots of them on TV!

This breed is also one of the most successful “working” dogs in Hollywood with roles such as Eddie in the long-running sitcom Frasier, Milo in The Mask, Friday in Hotel for Dogs, and as the dog in The Artist.

20. They are mini dynamos!

When you get a Jack Russell you get a 150-pound dog personality in a 15-pound dog body. They love to assert themselves on others and aren’t afraid of anything or anyone.

Jack Russell looking a bit sad

FAQs about Jack Russell Terriers

Are Jack Russells good family pets?

Despite their feisty reputations, Jacks make great family dogs providing you train them well.

Do Jack Russells bite?

Yes - Jack Russells are known for having bites as big as their barks.

Why are Jack Russells so aggressive?

Jack Russells tend to show aggression when they get scared - it takes a lot to earn their trust!

Do you know any fun facts about Jack Russell dogs?  Share them in the comments below!


  • Diane says:

    i got my jack russel at 1 and half years old hes just turned two so ive not had him long, however he keeps going for people that visit and when someone stops me in street to chat,and he has goes for me when playing not all the time just now n then, please could you tell me why, has hes a good dog 99% off the time thank you

  • Diane says:

    needing some advice on my jack russell dog keeps going for people and dont understand why? or what i should be doing ?

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