Windmills in Kinderdijk, Netherlands

22 Nifty Facts about The Netherlands

Looking to boost your knowledge of Europe and increase your chances of getting crowned the next pub quiz champion? Why not start with these fun facts about the Netherlands!

1. The Netherlands or Holland?

Netherlands (commonly referred to as Holland) is a low and flat country in North-Western Europe.

2. It’s called The Netherlands for a very good reason.

In fact, ‘Netherlands’ actually means ‘Low Country’. It’s so low that only 50% or so of its land is more than 1m above sea level. Incredible!

3. It’s got famous neighbors and a coastline.

It is bordered by Germany to the east and Belgium to the south. It also has a coastline along the North Sea to the north and west.

Flag of the Netherlands

Flag of the Netherlands

4. Sailing here by boat?

The coordinates for Netherlands are 52.3167° N, 5.5500°

5. Maybe you just want to make a call.

To make a call to the Netherlands, you’ll need to use the international dialling code +31.

6. It’s flat as well as low.

The terrain here is mostly flat lowlands with some hills in the south east.

Tulips - the national flower of the Netherlands Tulips – the national flower of the Netherlands[/caption]

10. There are lots of culinary creations on offer here.

If you’d like to try a few national dishes during a trip to Netherlands, ‘Hollandse Niewe’ is probably the most famous. It’s raw herring and is served with raw onion and gherkins. We’d also recommend ‘Stroopwafel’ which can be found in some UK supermarkets – it’s a type of waffle/cookie, filled with caramel. Delicious!

11. How big is the country in total?

The total land area of the Netherlands is 16,034 square miles (41,528 square kilometers).

12. Not all bacon is Danish…

Did you know that 70% of the world’s bacon comes from the Netherlands?

Heineken beer is a dutch export

Heineken beer is a Dutch export

13. They are big on beer in Holland!

Apparently, on average the Dutch each consume 74 liters of beer per year!

14. Life in The Netherlands is long and prosperous.

The average life span here is 82.01 years (2019).

15. The weather is great all year round.

The Dutch enjoy a temperate climate with cool summers and mild winters. Lovely!

canal boats in Amsterdam

16. Do many people in Holland speak English?

The official language of Netherlands is Dutch, although it is estimated that 86% of the population speak English as a second language!

17. Keep an eye on the pennies.

Like most EU countries, Euro is the official currency here.

18. The clog facts are true!

For the last 700 years, ‘Klompen’ or ‘Clogs’ have been traditional footwear favored by the Dutch to keep their feet dry and safe from injury.

rows of brightly colored clogs for sale

19. It really is windmill country, too.

Windmills are commonplace in the Netherlands – it’s reported that over 1200 sit on Dutch land, and are used to help with drainage.

20. The cities are full of canals.

Another popular sight here is the canals.  Amsterdam alone has 165 canals, and the older ones being a UNESCO World Heritage site.

21. It’s ‘made’ backwards…

Edam originates from the Netherlands.  The cheese is named after the town that bears its name.

22. What else does The Netherlands export and trade in?

Netherlands grows potatoes, flowers, grains, fruits and sugar beet and rears livestock.

Its industry consists of agricultural industries, metal and engineering products, chemicals and electrical machinery and equipment.

Netherlands also exports foodstuffs, flowers, machinery and equipment, chemicals and fuels.

Foggy sunset at the Zaanse Schans in Zaandam.

Foggy sunset at the Zaanse Schans in Zaandam.

FAQs about The Netherlands

What exactly are The Netherlands?

The Netherlands make up around 12 different provinces - many people refer to the area in total as ‘Holland’, however.

Is Holland even a country?

Technically, no! Holland is the name that once used to refer to the Netherlands in general, but there are North and South Holland provinces.

Why did the Dutch government stop using Holland as a name?

It’s to help keep things official - the Netherlands refers more to the country’s origins and traditions, and it was changed to help boost trade and tourism.

Do you know any fun facts about The Netherlands?  Share them in the comments below!

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