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12 Awesome Facts about Oslo

Oslo is easily one of the most interesting and beautiful cities in Europe – maybe, period. Yet, many of us do not realize just how incredible the capital of Norway is! There are tons of great reasons to head to the north of Europe on a city break – and while we only have limited space to tell you what makes Oslo so awesome, here are some fun facts about Oslo to whet your appetite in any case.

1. You’ll find Oslo to the south of Norway.

Oslo is Norway’s capital city, and you can find it in the southern part of the nation, along the Oslofjord.

2. More people live in Oslo than any other Norwegian city.

As of 2022, 702,543 people were living in Oslo. This makes it the most populous city in Norway!

3. Oslo has been a part of the landscape for a millennium.

Oslo was founded in the 11th century. Originally, the city was known as “Ánslo,” which means “the meadow of the gods.”

fun facts about Oslo

4. It plays host to the Nobels.

Oslo is known for being the home of the Nobel Peace Center. The Center hosts the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony every year.

5. Oslo’s Royal Palace is a must-see.

Oslo is home to the Royal Palace (Slottet). It is, of course, the official residence of the Norwegian monarch.

6. It’s home to some incredible Viking relics.

If you are interested in the Viking era, Oslo is the perfect city to visit! It is home to the Viking Ship Museum, which houses well-preserved Viking ships and artifacts.

7. Oslo’s making major environmental strides.

Oslo is known for being a very green city. That is to say that it is well-known for its ongoing commitment to sustainability and green initiatives. Some of the city’s famous initiatives include a comprehensive public transportation system. Oslo also aims to be a carbon-neutral city by 2030!

8. The city has hosted multiple ski tournaments.

Skiing is an important sport in Oslo. The Holmenkollen Ski Jump, for example, is a historic ski jump that has hosted numerous competitions, including the Holmenkollen Ski Festival!

9. Oslo is home to gorgeous green walks and sculpture sights.

The 45-hectare Frogner Park (Frognerparken) is in the heart of Oslo. It is known for the Vigeland Sculpture Park, which boasts more than 200 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland!

Vigeland Sculpture Park.

Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo

10. It is also home to the Munch Museum.

Many tourists enjoy visiting the Munch Museum when in Oslo. The museum is dedicated to the works of the famous Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. If his name does not ring a bell, then you may know one of his most famous pieces, “The Scream.”

11. The Astronomical Clock can be found in Oslo.

The Oslo City Hall features a famous astronomical clock that displays the positions of the planets in the solar system. Tourists come from all over to see this impressive piece of engineering!

12. Oslo is green all around.

It is not just the city of Oslo that is green, but also its surroundings. The city is surrounded by forests and nature, and Nordmarka is one of the most popular areas for hiking, skiing, and outdoor activities.

Facts about Oslo

igelandsparken, Oslo

FAQs about Oslo

Is Oslo cheap or expensive to visit?

Generally speaking, Oslo is considered to be a relatively expensive city for both visitors and residents! Norway is one of the most expensive countries to reside in worldwide – and its capital city certainly keeps up that tradition!

Is Oslo worth visiting?

Oslo is absolutely worth visiting! Whether you are a history buff, a traveler, an artist, or more, Oslo has plenty to offer! The city welcomes millions of tourists from all over the world every year and with good reason. Just make sure to save up a little before you travel!

What is Oslo known for?

Oslo is known for many things, including the Royal Palace, the stunning views, its winter sports competitions, its cuisine, and its links to Viking history. It's a must-see for the eight million-plus people who travel to Norway on vacation every year. Over half of the people who visit Norway head to the capital!

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