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Flag of England

The English demanded a marriage.

In 1547, the English demanded that Edward VI marry Mary Queen of Scots. They did not oblige, and Mary would later be executed under the order of Queen Elizabeth I. Thank goodness we live in more enlightened times!

Peru facts

Simón Bolívar became President of Peru.

In 1823, statesman Simón Bolívar became dictator and President of Peru. He was President until 1826, and was presiding over Gran Colombia at the same time up to his death in 1830. He remains a controversial figure for some, though for others, he’s celebrated as a hero, with his own national day.

Facts of Austria

An Empress was assassinated in Austria.

In 1898, Empress Elizabeth of Austria was assassinated by anarchist Luigi Lucheni. She was stabbed in the heart after spending 44 years on the throne, the longest of any Austrian empress.

Facts of Japan

Japan’s Mikasa exploded.

In 1905, the Japanese battleship Mikasa exploded at her moorings following the magazine catching fire. 251 seamen died in the incident. The battleship was also famous for being the only vessel in its specific class, built before the emergence of dreadnoughts.

Facts about China

China officially became a member of the League of Nations.

In 1919, China first became a member of the League of Nations – and while that might sound fairly late into proceedings, they weren't the final nation to join the group. Egypt was the last nation to do so in 1937.

Special Days Falling on September 10th

For millions of people around the world, September 10th is one of the most important dates of the year. These are just some of the reasons why!
Facts of Gibraltar

Gibraltar National Day

Every September 10th, the British overseas territory of Gibraltar celebrates its own national day! The day specifically commemorates the moment in 1967 when the people of Gibraltar voted to remain under British sovereignty.

Facts of Belize

St. George’s Caye Day

September 10th is St. George’s Caye Day in Belize! The day commemorates a victory in the war with the Spanish in 1798. The day was chosen was the day of the last battle of the war. Spain’s final attempt at taking the area occurred on September 10th, 1798, and ever since, the people of Belize have taken this day to honor their win.

World Suicide Prevention Day

Every September 10th, the world comes together to consider World Suicide Prevention Day. Suicide is sadly a growing issue across the globe, and it affects people of all ages. Sometimes, doing as little as checking in with your loved ones or you yourself opening up about how you’re feeling can make all of the difference in the world. See how you can help support those in your community today, and do not be afraid to seek out help when you need support yourself.

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