facts about poison dart frogs

🐸 14 Toxic Facts about Poison Dart Frogs

These amphibians are one of the most toxic species of animals on Earth. Here are 14 interesting and deadly facts about poison dart frogs that you might not have known about.

  1. The name “Poison Dart Frogs” is a name to call over 170 toxic frog species.
  2. The vividly colored skin is one of the most distinctive features of these frogs. This is due to a trait known as aposematism. This is a visual warning of toxicity towards other predators.
  3. A number of tribes used to harvest the poison from these frogs and use them to create poison darts as weapons. This is the reason they are known as “Poison Dart Frogs”.

facts about Poison Dart Frogs

  1. Some of the natural habits of these frogs include rivers, tropical rainforests, freshwater and shrub-lands. These vary depending on species.
  2. They typically lay eggs in moist environments, such as roots and leaves.
  3. The Golden Poison, one of the most toxic species of the poison dart frogs, can kill up to twenty humans with the levels of toxic alkaloid in their body.
  1. Most of these frog species are tiny, with the majority of them as small as an inch in length.
  2. They need high amounts of humidity levels in their environment.
  3. The majority of these frog species have vocal structures that are well developed, and are capable of producing a wide variety of sounds (to attract mates). Based on their calls, species of frogs can be identified.

a green spotted Poison Dart Frog blending in with the leaf its on

  1. The majority of Poison Dart Frogs are diurnal (active during the day rather than the night).
  2. Extracting poison from their prey such as centipedes and ants is one of the theories that suggest why these frogs are poisonous.
  3. They have flat, much wider toes compared to a typical frog. This is likely due to them spending most of their time on ground and trees.
  4. Not all Poison Dart Frogs are toxic. Some species are associated with little to no levels of toxicity.
  5. They have been observed to have ‘wrestling matches’.

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