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10 Perfect Facts about the Pitcairn Islands

The Pitcairn Islands may not be the most famous coastal landscapes in the world, but they are certainly among the most interesting. With a unique geography and a rich history, there is plenty to learn about this South Pacific destination! Here are some fun facts about the Pitcairn Islands you might not know about.

1. The Pitcairns are volcanic islands technically owned by the British.

The Pitcairn Islands is a group cluster of four volcanic islands found in the South Pacific Ocean. They are part of the British Overseas Territory known as the Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie, and Oeno Islands. The capital of the Pitcairn Islands is Adamstown, which is also the only settlement on Pitcairn Island.

2. It’s not easy to get to the main island.

Pitcairn Island is quite remote, located approximately halfway between New Zealand and Peru.

If you would like to visit the Pitcairn Islands, you will have to travel by boat. The island has no airstrip, and the Pitcairn Island Government operates a regular passenger and cargo service to and from New Zealand. And the island has no port or harbor! Therefore, visiting ships must anchor offshore, and goods and passengers are transferred using longboats.

3. In fact, the only inhabited island is the main one!

The eponymous Pitcairn Island is the only inhabited island in the group, with a population of only 47 people as of 2021! In fact, Pitcairn is one of the least populated jurisdictions in the world, and the small community is known for its tight-knit and communal way of life.

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4. The area was named after a British sailor.

The Pitcairn Islands were named after British sailor Midshipman Robert Pitcairn. He was the first person to see the area in 1767 during an expedition led by Captain Philip Carteret.

5. The inhabitants of the island are descendants of mutineers.

Interestingly, most of the descendants of the Pitcairn Islands are primarily descendants of the mutineers from HMS Bounty! They settled on the island in 1790 after their mutiny against Captain William Bligh.

6. The people here speak Pitkern.

The most widely spoken language on Pitcairn is Pitkern. It is a creole language derived from 18th-century English and Tahitian.

7. The island is more than a little removed.

The island is not connected to global telecommunications networks, however, it does have limited satellite internet access. It could be the perfect hideaway if you’re sick of social media and 24-hour news!

8. The island has its own important economy.

The main economy and sources of income for the Pitcairn community are based on fishing, handicrafts, and the sale of collectible stamps and coins.

9. It has a unique natural world.

The Pitcairn Islands are home to unique flora and fauna. In fact, it has been designated as a British Overseas Territory with a significant marine reserve to protect its rich biodiversity.

10. Despite its remote setting, the main Pitcairn Island is open to tourists.

The Pitcairn Islands are known for their dramatic landscapes, with rugged cliffs, lush vegetation, and crystal-clear waters. The island group attracts some adventurous tourists and researchers interested in its unique history and environment. However, as mentioned, getting here is an adventure in itself!

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Pitcairn Island taxi

FAQs about the Pitcairn Islands

Can anyone move to Pitcairn Island?

If you are considering moving to Pitcairn Island, then you will be happy to know that, yes, you can! You can apply to move to the island, but it is best to contact the Deputy Governor to learn more first. Do remember that it has limited communications access – so you’re really going to live off-grid.

Is it free to live on Pitcairn Island?

Currently, there are no charges for land for settlement on the island. However, again, it is best to check with the Deputy Governor if you would like to learn more about moving there on a permanent basis.

Are Pitcairn Islanders British citizens?

Pitcairn Islanders can obtain British nationality through birth or the birth of their parents or grandparents in the Pitcairn Islands. The area is technically part of a British Overseas Territory.

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