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10 Top Facts about Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is undoubtedly one of the most famous buildings in the whole of Japan – and its fame has extended far and wide. The tower is also an important symbol of the country and its changes following the war. But how much do you know about Japan’s most famous tower? Here are some fun facts about Tokyo Tower you’ll want to remember.

1. When was the Tokyo Tower built?

As modern as it may seem, the Tokyo Tower was actually built back in June 1957! Construction officially started in 1957 and was completed in 1958.

2. Who’s responsible?

The Tokyo Tower was designed and built by visionary Tachū Naitō. He is well known for his earthquake-resistant designs.

3. Ok, so – what is the Tokyo Tower, anyway?

Aside from being hyper-famous in its native Tokyo, the tower does also serve a functional purpose! It is a broadcasting tower. It controls broadcast signals for FM radio, television, and traffic information in Tokyo and even collects weather and air pollution information.

Fun facts about Tokyo Tower

4. Climbing the Tokyo Tower – it’s possible!

As stunning as the tower may be from the outside, it is just as nice from the inside! You can even ascend the tower to get an incredible view of Tokyo at night.

5. It’s the second-tallest artificial structure in Japan.

Falling just behind the Tokyo Skytree, the Tokyo Tower is the second tallest man-made structure in Japan. It stands an impressive 333 meters tall – that’s almost 1,100 feet! How something that tall can be second to anything is pretty staggering…

6. The three tiers are super-famous.

Tokyo Tower is actually separated into three tiers. The bottom tier is known as the Foot Town. There, you will find cafes, restaurants, and a few souvenir shops. Then, there is the One-Piece Tower, which houses a theme park based on the Manga of the same name. Finally, there is the main Observatory, found 150 meters up, and the Special Observatory area at 250 meters high!

7. It’s time for a touch-up!

Every five years, Tokyo Tower gets a fresh coat of paint – and it takes an entire year to cover the whole tower! Believe it or not, it takes 28,000 liters (more than 49,000 pints) of paint to cover it.

8. It’s a true symbol of the country.

Clearly, Tokyo Tower serves a lot of purposes, but one of its most enduring purposes is that of a symbol of status. The tower was built to show off a “new Japan,” following the war.

9. It’s a chameleon!

One of the most impressive things about Tokyo Tower is that it changes color! That is to say that the lighting on the tower changes depending on the current national events in Japan and even the season. During the summer, the lights are white, whereas, in the winter, they are a warmer color, such as orange.

interesting facts about Tokyo Tower

10. What’s the connection with the Eiffel Tower?

If you are ever truly lucky enough to see Tokyo Tower up close, you may note some similarities to the Eiffel Tower. That is because the design of Tokyo Tower was indeed based on the Eiffel in Paris. However, Tokyo Tower stands at an impressive nine meters (29.5 feet) taller than the Eiffel Tower, and don’t you forget it!

FAQs about Tokyo Tower

What is Tokyo Tower most famous for?

Although Tokyo Tower is primarily used today for business and broadcasting purposes, it is mostly famous for symbolic reasons. It was designed and built following the war to represent Japan’s rebirth. It’s also a huge tourist spot for those visiting the city (and indeed the country).

Is it worth going to Tokyo Tower?

If you are ever fortunate enough to visit Japan, it is absolutely worth visiting Tokyo Tower! The Tower is not only an important part of Japanese history, but it also provides a wonderful insight into local businesses to visit, and boasts incredible views to enjoy.

Can you go to the top of Tokyo Tower?

You can climb to the top deck of Tokyo Tower - and once at the top, you can see 360 degree views of Tokyo, a sight you will not soon forget! Be sure to get your phone camera ready (or bring along some professional kit!).

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