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17 Unusual Facts About Ukraine

Grandiose, gorgeous and full of Eastern European history and wonder, Ukraine is one of the most dynamic and fascinating countries in Europe. Even if you’ve been before, these fun facts about Ukraine may well surprise you – let’s take a look!

1. It’s the Jupiter of Europe.

Ukraine is the largest country wholly within the EU, located in Eastern Europe.

2. There are plenty of land neighbors and even a coastline.

It is bordered by Moldova and Romania to the south west, Hungary and Slovakia to the west, Poland to the north west, Belarus to the north and Russia to the north and east. It also has a coastline to the south along both the Black Sea and Sea of Azov.

3. Travelling by boat?

The coordinates for Ukraine are 49.0000° N, 32.0000°

Flag of Ukraine
Flag of Ukraine

4. Here’s how to keep in touch with Ukrainian phones.

To call your friends in Ukraine you’ll need the international dialing code +380.

5. There are mountains in Ukraine, but it’s mainly flat.

Ukraine is generally flat, though there are mountains over to the west and down towards the south.

6. Ukraine is honestly huge.

The total land area of Ukraine is 233,090 square miles (603,700 square kilometers).

7. Many, many people live here, too!

This country had a population of 38 million in 2022.

8. The capital city itself is massive.

The capital is Kiev which covers an area of 323.9 square miles (839 square kilometers) and has a population of 2.884 million (2017).

9. Ukraine’s life expectancy is more than reasonable.

The average life span here is 69.65 years (2021).

facts about Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine

10. Its climate isn’t as chilly as you might think.

The Ukrainian residents of southern Crimea enjoy a Mediterranean climate, with the rest of the country experiencing a temperate, continental climate.

11. It’s a multi-lingual state.

The official language of Ukraine is, unsurprisingly, Ukrainian. However, Russian, Polish, Romanian and Hungarian are also spoken here.

12. We’re going underground…

Kiev is home to Arsenalaya Metro Station, the deepest metro station in the world at an astonishing 105 meters deep! Not suitable for those who suffer from claustrophobia, then!

an old Russian Lada

13. McD’s is huge here.

The McDonald’s fast food restaurant in Kiev is amongst one of the busiest in the world and serves over 2 million customers each year!

14. And you thought it was just France who’s wild for wine!

Ukraine was once home to the Guinness World Record for the largest wine flute, which could hold an incredible 56.25 liters. Unfortunately this record was broken by Brazil in 2014 with an outstanding 100.5 liters!

15. Ukraine’s home to a serial record breaker.

Ukrainian Dmitriy Khalazhi has held an amazing 63 Guinness World Records for stunts such as laying on a bed of nails with 700kg plates on top of him which were then smashed with hammers, and being run over by tractors and lorries. Each to their own…

View over Kiev

16. Head to the Ukrainian exchange!

When exchanging your holiday money, ask for Ukrainian Hryvnia, the official currency here.

17. Here’s a bit of information on what they grow and export from Ukraine.

Ukraine grows sunflowers and sunflower seeds, sugar beets and grains and rears cattle.

Its industry consists of coal, electric power, machinery, transport equipment and both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Ukraine also exports ferrous and non-ferrous metals, fuel and petroleum products, machinery, transport equipment and chemicals.

FAQs About Ukraine

Is Ukraine safe to visit?

For travelers and tourists, Ukraine is generally considered very safe. There have been conflicts with Russia towards the southeastern border, however.

Do people in Ukraine speak English?

Some do, but it’s far more likely you’ll find people speaking Ukrainian. Therefore, try to learn a bit of the lingo before you travel!

What is the main religion in Ukraine?

Ukraine tends to have a general split between religions nationwide, though most people seem to be Christian (Orthodox).

Do you know any fun facts about Ukraine?  Share them in the comments below!

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