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10 Fantastic Home Decorating Hacks

Nothing beats a good design hack. We all spend a fair bit of time at home – so, it is only natural for us to want them to be as beautiful and relaxing as possible! Sadly, investing in decor can cost a fortune, and unless you’re an expert, perfection isn’t easy!

Thankfully, there are plenty of easy and low-cost things you can do to make your home more stylish, comfortable, and to your taste. With that in mind, here are a few of some of the best decorating hacks for you to try at home right now!

1. Make use of your sharpies!

Sharpies provide a great way to make intricate and permanent designs on all kinds of things. One of the best ways to use them is by drawing a design on your lightbulbs. When the lights come on, your design will be projected around the room in shadows.

2. Brrrrrrr!

In the winter, take old duvets and blankets, roll them up and place them at the bottoms of your windows and doors. This will help to prevent drafts from coming through and will keep you warmer!

3. Keep your security deposit.

Furniture scratching floors and doors smashing into walls are some of the most common ways that many of us lose our security deposits when renting. However, by using cork from wine bottles, you can easily place them over your furniture legs, door handles, etc., to protect your walls and floors.

used wine bottle corks

4. Keep a tab.

Keep the tabs from your soda cans, and use them to make more room in your closet. Simply place them over your coat hangers to create extra loops for your clothes to hang on. You won’t believe the space that you make!

5. Step by step!

If you, or someone you know, happens to have an old ladder, then use it to make the perfect shoe rack. Ensure that there are no splinters on the ladder, then paint it any color you like, or keep it as is for that rustic look!

6. Make your furniture look brand new.

Some of our older pieces of furniture may look tired but still work perfectly well. So, to bring some life back into them, do a cheap DIY project by repainting them, polishing them, or even changing the knobs. You will be surprised how much a new knob can change!

7. Stairway to books

If you have a wide staircase in your home, then use it to store books, plants, decor pieces, etc. You can even put small pillows on certain steps for animal beds, reading cushions, etc.

8. Make your showers fresh!

Putting eucalyptus behind your shower head is an excellent way of keeping your bathroom smelling fresh and taking care of yourself. The steam from the shower will help release the eucalyptus’s beneficial oils, which can help relax you and clear your sinuses.

9. Don’t throw away those jars!

Keep all of the mason jars that you have and use them for storage. It is a great way of recycling and will keep your pantry looking tidy and chic. They can also be used as vases, decor pieces (by adding fairy lights inside), candle holders, etc.

mason jars

10. Repurpose your old clothes!

We all have old clothes that we love but that are stained, have holes, or simply don’t fit anymore. Turn your old clothes into bags, quilts, tea towels, and more!

FAQs about Decorating Hacks

How can you hang pictures without using nails?

Strong sticky tape is a great way of hanging pictures on your walls without using nails. For heavy pictures and mirrors, consider placing them on pieces of furniture, such as bookshelves and drawers, to avoid having to puncture the walls.

What do you need to do to paint a room yourself?

In order to paint a room yourself, always ensure that you have plenty of tape to line the corners, cover the exterior of plugs, handles, etc. A paint bash on the floor is also a great way of catching paint drops before they reach the floor! It is also wise to finish painting the room as quickly as possible, so you don’t lose interest and stop completely midway!

Can you frame pictures yourself?

While you can technically frame pictures yourself, as long as you have wood, a saw, and a ruler, it is best to hire a professional. Not only will the job be cleaner, but a professional will also know what materials to use to protect your picture during the framing process.

Do you know any home decorating tips, hints or hacks?  Share them in the comments below!

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