Limeade Cooler Recipe

A Simple and Refreshing Limeade Cooler Recipe

A Simple but Naughty Unbelievably Refreshing Limeade Cooler Recipe

At least 6 servings

Grenada, the spice isle, a small West Indian island country with arresting views around every bend. Many varieties of citrus fruit grow on the island and can used to flavour the hot and sultry days with a cool, zesty tang of freshness. I’m using small fragrant local limes for this recipe but they can just as well be exchanged for finger limes if you prefer? Or you can use limes from elsewhere 😉

Coco López is an essential ingredient of the much loved Piña Colada. It has a near addictive flavour which I need little excuse to use. In this recipe it adds all the sweetness you will need as well as it’s extra coconut yumminess!


1 Tin of Coco López (cream of coconut for drinks and cocktails)
Ice cubes x 2 breakfast bowl fulls
2 Limes, zest and juice
Filtered water
Sprig of mint (optional)

Limeade Cooler Recipes


Pour the tin of Coco López into a drinks blender machine.

Zest the limes, a microplane makes this job both thorough and as easy as can be. Juice the limes and add both zest and juice to the blender.

Add 2 breakfast bowls full of ice to the blender and blend on full power to crush the ice.

Add as much filtered water as you safely can to your blender and briefly mix again.

If this mixture tastes too sweet for your liking then go ahead and add more water to your pitcher or glass. A sprig of mint is an optional finishing touch. Pour and enjoy!

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