5 Missouri Weather Conditions Where Car Collisions are Common

Missouri, the birthplace of musical genres like ragtime, Kansas City Jazz, and St. Louis blues, is a city that should be on every traveler’s list. As exciting as the place is, the state experiences weather fluctuations, which can lead to car accidents.

St. Louis car accident attorneys have handled several car collisions caused by weather conditions. The article explains the weather conditions that can get you into a car collision, from heavy rains to severe sandstorms and other weather-related factors.

1. Heavy Rainfall

Roads become slippery when it rains. Some drivers tend to slow down and drive carefully, while others are likely to drive recklessly. Slow drivers cause a buildup of traffic, and as a result, there is an increased risk of rear-end collisions. Recklessly driven cars, on the other hand, are likely to skid off the road.

Heavy rains obscure visibility. The splashes of dirty water on the windshield can make it cloudy. Make sure your wipers are functional to help you see other cars. The temperature differentiation can also cause misting on the windscreen. Remember to use the vehicle defrost setting to eliminate condensation.

2. Snow, Sleet, and Ice

The accumulation of snow makes the road slippery, making it challenging to maneuver. There is reduced traction between the tires and the road. Changing lanes can also be difficult. Skidding off the road often results in loss of control, which can lead to collisions with other vehicles or barriers on the road. Sleet causes a dark layer of ice on the road. A driver might miss it and realize when it’s too late. This poses a significant hazard to both the driver and others on the road.

3. Severe Thunderstorms

Thunderstorms have rain and wind and can sometimes come with lightning. The hail, strong winds, and thunderstorms reduce road visibility. The intense rainfall makes the roads slippery, and the vehicles might veer off the road and cause accidents.

The hail can break the windows of the car and, at times, break the lights. This situation creates a dangerous driving condition.

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4. Fog

When there is fog, you are likely to have a rear-end collision. At times, you will notice the car in front of you. Dense fog can be a hazard for every road user. Having your lights on acts as a necessary caution. Fog can cause miscalculation when changing lanes and overtaking. In some cases, it obscures the road signs, making it harder to navigate. All this could easily cause a car crash.

5. Flooding

Flooding in Missouri has occurred frequently. Flooded areas might appear shallow, but driving in them can make a car drown. Drivers might struggle to spot other cars and obstacles submerged in water, increasing the risk of collision. Eroded road surfaces can also lead to the collapse of the road. The drivers might encounter sinkholes, increasing the risk of getting into an accident.

Floods typically carry sand and stones onto the road. Sharp objects could cause a flat tire, leading to a loss of control and an accident. It can also cause an engine to malfunction. You will notice the filters are plugged, and there are power loss issues. It can make a car veer off the road.


The weather affects our daily experiences. You cannot control what happens at a particular season, but you can learn how to handle its effects.

If bad weather finds you on the road, try to drive carefully. If it’s not urgent, avoid getting on the wheel.

In case you have a car collision, please ensure that you call an attorney to guide you on what you should do. The advice of a lawyer protects your rights and gets you maximum compensation.

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