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🗓️ On This Day - April 18th

Whether you’re celebrating columnists or linemen, or you want to learn more about the American author who earned the highest honor in France, April 18th has it all! What else happened on this exciting day? Congratulations if you’re celebrating, and let’s dive into some serious knowledge…

On this day

interesting facts about Vatican City

The Center of the Catholic Church was established.

On April 18th, 1506, Pope Julius II laid the cornerstone of the current St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican. This new basilica took more than a century to build up from scratch, and today, it remains one of the most recognizable and important buildings in the world. In fact, it’s widely regarded as the Center of the Catholic Church - so now you know!

Edith Wharton

Edith Wharton received a fantastic accolade!

Ever read any Edith Wharton novels? On this very day in 1916, the American novelist received the Chevalier of the Legion of Honour, the highest honor in France, for her efforts during World War I. Wharton was recognized for her work organizing and running relief efforts for refugees and soldiers. This often included setting up hospitals, distributing supplies, and raising money along the way. A noble effort!

facts about earthquakes

A San Fran earthquake shook thousands.

On April 18th, 1906, a powerful earthquake struck San Francisco, California, which led to all manner of destruction for several days. Nearly 4,000 people lost their lives, and over 75% of the city was destroyed in a barrage of fires and falling dust. The disaster was a turning point in the city's history - it led to a whole new series of safety codes getting drawn up!


The US’ first laundromat opened up.

On this very day in 1934, the first launderette in the world opened in Fort Worth, Texas. It was called a "wash-a-teria"! This all-new service offered coin-operated washing machines for public use - it was a very big deal, too, as it provided people (particularly those without access to washing machines at home) with a convenient and affordable way to keep clean.

fun facts about Albert Einstein

We said goodbye to Einstein.

Who isn’t aware of Albert Einstein? Sadly, the legendary physicist died at the age of 75 in the US on April 18th, 1955. He had fled Nazi Germany in 1933 and settled in America, where he continued to work on his theories of relativity and quantum mechanics. His contributions to science have had a profound impact on our understanding of the universe!

Special Days Falling on April 18th

As it happens, April 18th is a pretty important day for all kinds of reasons. Let’s take a look at a few big days you might want to mark at home.
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National Columnists Day

National Columnists Day is celebrated on April 18th every year to recognize the important contributions made by columnists to the world of journalism. Columnists do an awful lot to help share important data, news, and even opinions we can get behind. Honor your favorites today!


World Heritage Day

World Heritage Day, also known as International Day for Monuments and Sites, aims to raise awareness about the importance of preserving and protecting cultural heritage sites. That’s not just in the US, but around the world, too! Think about all those amazing historical buildings, monuments, and archaeological sites… why not visit a few?

electrical lineworker

National Lineman Appreciation Day

No, not lineman on a sports field! This holiday recognizes electrical lineworkers who work to ensure reliable power delivery and maintain power grids. Today, we honor their work in hazardous conditions and acknowledge the risks they take to keep the lights on for communities.

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