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On This Day - August 26th

The year continues to sail by – we’re already at August 26th! Never fear, however, as we are still here to guide you through the most notable moments that have occurred on this day in the past. We’ll also let you know if you share a birthday with any famous people – spoiler alert, you do! Let’s take a look at what happened on August 26th and more besides.

On this day

battle of crecy

The Battle of Crécy took place.

In 1346, the Battle of Crécy took place in the south of Calais, in the north of France. Edward III’s English longbows beat Philip VI’s army. It was the first time that cannons were ever used in battle!

Halley's Comet

We got a glimpse of Halley’s Comet.

In 1682, Edmond Halley, an English astronomer, observed a very important comet. As you may have guessed from his name, the comet would eventually be named after him! Halley’s Comet only becomes visible to us once every 76 years, with it next set to appear in our skies in 2061.


Kindergarten became free for US citizens!

In 1873, the first ever free kindergarten in the US was started by Susan Blow on this very date! It was set up in Carondelet, in St. Louis, Missouri.

Great Fire of Smyrna

The Catastrophe of Smyrna took place.

In 1924, the Catastrophe of Smyrna, also known as the Asia Minor Catastrophe to the people of Greece, took place. The Ottoman Empire expelled Greek people, and non-Turks from Asia Minor.

Bil Clinton on stage in front on the USA Flag, speaking to the crowd

Clinton made a big change.

In 1996, US President Bill Clinton signed his revolutionary welfare reform into law. In so doing, he created a big shift in the welfare policy in the nation. This led to an economic boom toward the end of the decade, but would be undone to a large extent as a result of the economic crisis of 2008.

Special Days Falling on August 26th

Although you may not know it, August 26th is one of the most important dates of the year for many people around the world. Here are some of the reasons why.

National Day of Repentance

Every year, August 26th is National Day of Repentance in Papua New Guinea. There are prayer ceremonies across the nation, mostly with the idea of asking their lord and savior of the Christian faith for forgiveness. As a predominantly Christian country, many people take part in these events.

fun facts about women

Women’s Equality Day

Every year on August 26th, the US celebrates Women’s Equality Day! The day commemorates all that women have gone through in the nation to get their rights, and to be treated fairly and equally. However, it seems that now more than ever is the perfect time to question whether these rights have been met and treated respectfully for women across the nation!

National Innovation Day - February 16th

Spark the World Day

What have you done to change the world for the better – and do you have any favorite innovators or trailblazers? Today is a great day to honor and commemorate those who have strived to inspire and change the world, and to encourage others to do so as well!

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