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🗓️ On This Day - August 6th

As we’re nearing the end of the first week of August, the summer days seem to be ebbing away. You could well be celebrating already today – but if not, why not honor some important international holidays? Or you could learn more about important historical events that took place today! Why not celebrate a celebrity’s birthday while you’re at it? Here is everything you need to know about August 6th!

On this day

Facts of Brazil

The Dutch Republic made an important sale.

In 1661, the Dutch Republic sold New Holland (now known as Brazil) to Portugal for 63 tonnes of gold. The sale was finalized in the Treaty of the Hague – and as we all know, Brazil is very much an independent country in its own right these days. It’s bizarre how frequently territories used to trade hands!

The Big Ben Clock Tower

London gained a new landmark.

In 1856, the Great Bell was cast for the Great Clock of Westminster in London. If you hadn’t guessed it, it was indeed Big Ben! In fact, Big Ben is just the name of the bell – the tower’s known as Elizabeth Tower!

Electric Chair

The first to get the chair…

In 1890, in New York’ Auburn Prison, William Kemmler gained the dubious honor of being the first person ever executed via electric chair. He received a death sentence on the back of being found guilty for murder.


Prometheus was brought down.

Prometheus, which was the world’s oldest tree at the time, was accidentally cut down in Nevada, in the United States of America, in 1964. The tree was believed to be 4,862 years old at the time! Now that’s some careless topiary…

Marcus Hooper swimming the channel

Hooper hopped the Channel!

On this day in 1979, Marcus Hooper secured his place in history with a fantastic record. He was the youngest-ever swimmer to successfully traverse the English Channel. He was only 12 years old at the time!

Special Days Falling on August 6th

No one wants to have to wait until the next big holiday to celebrate something! So, you will be glad to know that August 6th has a lot to honor! Here are some of the most important international holidays on August 6th.
Facts about Bolivia

Bolivia Independence Day

Today is the date that all around Bolivia celebrations take place to honor the country’s emergence as an independent state. The day specifically commemorates the date that Bolivia signed the Declaration of Independence from Spain in 1825. Around the country, you’re likely to come across parades, concerts, fireworks, and more.

Facts of El Salvador

Celebrations of San Salvador

Every year in El Salvador, the Fiesta de San Salvador, or the Celebrations of San Salvador, take place on this specific date! The celebrations honour the Divine Savior of the World, who El Salvador gets its name from. Just as you’re likely to see parties unfolding across Bolivia, the same very much applies here in El Salvador!

Facts of Jamaica

Jamaica Independence Day

Today has also been an important celebration day for Jamaica since 1962! It of course is to celebrate the day Jamaica became independent and gained full dominion status in the Commonwealth. It is a day that is celebrated all over the country, as well as by the Jamaican diaspora across the globe.

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