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On This Day - December 6th

We know that in December, most of us like to focus on gifts left to buy, meals left to be prepared, and decorations ready to be set out. But, before you get too encompassed in the traditional celebrations, why not consider some of the other things that make December so special? For example, here are some of the most fascinating things about December 6th.

On this day

facts Ukraine

Kyiv was occupied.

In 1240, Mongols led by Batu Khan occupied and destroyed Kyiv after an eight-day siege. Only 2,000 people survived in the city of originally about 50,000. Thankfully, the city would be rebuilt and the population would thrive again – however, as we know, the city has experienced further tragedies in recent times.

facts about USA

Slavery was abolished in the US.

In 1865, the important 13th Amendment of the United States Constitution was ratified. The amendment abolished slavery in the US – a bold move that was a long time coming. While the Trade has all but ended, modern slavery remains a grave problem all over the world to this day.

Edison's phonograph

Edison showed off his phonograph.

In 1877, Thomas Edison showed his phonograph to the Scientific American. Once he turned the crank to his phonograph, the recording, "Good morning. How do you do? How do you like the phonograph?” started playing. Without Edison, you wouldn’t have vinyl LPs, CDs, or even music streaming!

anglo irish treaty

The Anglo-Irish Treaty was signed.

In 1921, the Anglo-Irish Treaty was officially signed and brought into effect. Ireland received a dominion status, and Northern Ireland was established as a partition. However, this division would remain controversial for decades to come, as The Troubles would cause conflict between Irish and British contingents.

interesting facts about Mars

Traces of liquid were found on Mars!

In 2006, NASA revealed photographs taken by the Mars Global Surveyor. The photographs suggested the potential presence of liquid water on Mars – we’ve yet to find life up there, but it’s fascinating that it could be sustained!

Special Days Falling on December 6th

We know that the holidays can be a tricky time for some of us. So, for today, why not focus on other events, just as important, taking place around the world?
facts about Spain

Día de la Constitución

Día de la Constitución (or Constitution Day) is a Spanish holiday falling on December 6th every year to mark the anniversary of a referendum that freed Spain from the authoritarian rule of the infamous General Francisco Franco, which took place in 1978. The day also celebrates the drawing of a new constitution for the country, establishing clear citizen rights. It's a day to remember to be grateful for what we have!

Facts of Finland

Finland Independence Day

Finland Independence Day is also celebrated on December 6th. Finland is famous for marking breaking away from Russia back in 1917 with a huge gala usually held at the Presidential Palace. The gala generally has over 2,000 invited guests! And, for those who can't attend in person, it is also broadcast live.

Flag of Ecuador

Foundation of Quito Day

The Foundation of Quito Day marks the initial founding of Quito, the capital city of Ecuador. It’s a great opportunity for feasts, festivals, concerts, parties, exhibitions, and parades. It’s a generally good time for all – and in most cases, events held today are completely free for all!

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