National Hug Day

🗓️ On This Day - February 12th

Love is very nearly in the air - but before plunging headfirst into Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of great reasons to mark February 12th. Maybe it’s your birthday, or maybe you’re celebrating it in a different way - regardless, here are some seriously interesting things about February 12th you’re going to want to take note of.

On this day

Lady Jane Grey

Lady Jane Grey was executed.

Lady Jane Grey has the dubious honor of being England’s shortest-serving monarch. At just 17 years old, she’d only served nine days in charge of the country before being executed, with her husband, for treason against the country! That all came to a head… literally… on February 12th, 1554.

Facts about Chile

Chile broke free!

On February 12th, 1818, Chile finally managed to gain independence from Spain to run as its own nation. This occurred as a result of a formal declaration - though it wouldn’t be until Chile triumphed in battle over Spain two months later that the motion would be made official.

Utah women finally got the vote!

Women across Utah finally got a little more freedom on this day in 1870, as it was finally brought into law that they could vote in US elections. This news arrived on the back of Wyoming similarly bringing in freedoms for women the year prior.

Emperor Puyi

All change for China!

February 12th marks a momentous change in China’s history, as it marks the abdication of Emperor Puyi, the last of his line - therefore ending the Emperorship and ushering in the Chinese Revolution.

Slobodan Milosevic

Milosevic got brought to task… but never saw justice.

February 12th saw the notorious Slobodan Milosevic - President of Yugoslavia until 2000 - brought to trial accused of war crimes in 2002. The trial took years to get underway fully at The Hague - and Milosevic died in 2006, before any charges could be finalized.

Special Days Falling on February 12th

Not got much to mark February 12th with? Here are a few interesting occasions that fall on this particular part of the calendar today.
Charles Darwin

Darwin Day

On this day, the birthday of Charles Darwin is celebrated in honor of him being known as the Father Of Evolutionary Biology. Born in 1809, Darwin's book entitled “The Origin of Species” was overwhelmingly voted the most influential academic tome in history! It’s a great day to dig into some of his fascinating work.

Red Hand Day - On this day, February 12th

Red Hand Day - International Day Against Child Soldiers

Red Hand Day marks an occasion whereby organizations all over the world raise awareness of children being employed in combat against their will. The rights of children have been noted in a United Nations treaty known as OPAC. It’s hard to believe that atrocities against children still continue - making February 12th a very important date indeed.

National Hug Day

National Hug Day

Got someone in your life who could use a hug? Maybe you want one of your own. In any case, now’s the day to find a loved one and show them how much they mean to you. This holiday is seen as a precursor to Valentine’s Day, which is set to be celebrated on the 14th.

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