World Human Spirit Day

🗓️ On This Day - February 17th

What is there to celebrate on February 17th? Plenty, in fact! Whether or not it’s your birthday or you’re already celebrating, this day has gone down in history as being pretty notable. Whether it’s independence or opera, there are more than a few reasons why February 17th is notable to so many.

On this day

Sardines in a can - On This Day in History, February 17th

Canned fish, who’d think it?

Canned fish isn’t as new an invention as many might believe it to be. In fact, it was Julius Wolff, over in Maine, US, who first canned sardines for mass market consumption - on this very date. It’s surprising how many fish you can fit in a can!

Madama Butterfly

Madama Butterfly took her first flutter.

On February 17th 1904, legendary composer Giacomo Puccini debuted his iconic opera, Madama Butterfly, at the La Scala hall in Milan. Over the decades, it’d become one of the best-loved operatic works of all time.

The Phantom, 1936 SuperHero

The world’s first superhero?

You can’t move for superheroes these days - but the first-ever super-powered vigilante - The Phantom - made his debut back on February 17th in 1936. He was created by Lee Falk.

Color TV invented on this day in history

Color TV had its first dry run.

John Logie Baird, famed inventor of the TV set, ensured that his invention had a maiden run in full color on this day back in 1938. However, we’d all be watching black and white TV for a while to come - we’ve all taken full color for granted, it would seem!

Jeffrey Dahmer

Dahmer faced a long sentence.

Jeffrey Dahmer - the infamous cannibal serial killer - was put behind bars on this day in 1992, sentenced to a staggering total of 15 life terms. He didn’t get a chance to spend much time in jail, however, as he was eventually murdered by a cellmate.

Kosovo flag

Kosovo breaks free!

On February 17th 2008, Kosovo first announced its independence away from the state of Serbia. To this day, some countries don’t recognize Kosovo as its own nation. However, the International Court of Justice officially states that Kosovo’s broken no laws by declaring independence.

Special Days Falling on February 17th

Whether you already celebrate February 17th at home or not, here are a few reasons why this particular date is so notable on many people’s calendars.
World Human Spirit Day

World Human Spirit Day

Today’s a fantastic day for finding peace with the fact that we don’t - as a species - know all the answers to some of the biggest questions that the universe poses to us. Today, people celebrate staying hopeful that we’ll find solutions to problems for years to come - but at the same time, feeling content that we’re extremely fortunate all the same.

National Cabbage Day

National Cabbage Day

Yes - that leafy green vegetable you always leave at the side of your plate? It’s time to show cabbage some love. This veggie comes in several different colors, and we’ve been cultivating it for thousands of years! Ok - many people really don’t like the taste of cabbage - but today’s a good day to try and give it a go if you want to expand your palate a little.

My Way Day

My Way Day

When’s the last time you did something for yourself? There’s a risk of feeling selfish - but honestly, you should always take time out to treat yourself. If you won’t, who else will? Today, do things your way - just as long as no one else comes to harm!

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