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🗓️ On This Day - July 22nd

Break out the hammock and enjoy the sunshine if you’re in the upper part of the world – we’re marching through summer now. While July 22nd may not seem like a particularly special day on the surface, there’s actually plenty to talk about when it comes to 7/22. Here’s a grab-bag of facts, figures, moments, and birthdays you’ll want to remember!

On this day

facts of scotland

The Battle of Falkirk started.

In 1298, the Battle of Falkirk took place during the First War of Scottish Independence. English forces led by Edward I defeated William Wallace and the Scots – whose life was immortalized, as you may know, by Mel Gibson in the classic movie “Braveheart.”

General Moses Cleaveland

Cleveland was founded!

In 1796, Cleveland, Ohio, was founded by General Moses Cleaveland. The city, of course, was named for him – and centuries on, it’s now home to more than 367,000 people. All of it leads back to July 22nd!

facts about 1930s

The Holocaust rolled onwards.

In 1942, the systematic deportation of Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto to the Treblinka extermination camp began during the Holocaust. It was, of course, only one of the horrendous exportations that took place during World War II.

Sarawak Flag

Sarawak gained independence.

Sarawak, a Malaysian state, claimed independence from the British on July 22nd, 1963. The occasion also marks the state claiming self-governing status – and today is actually a national holiday for Sarawak, with the government having gazetted the holiday in 2016.

Venera 8

Venera 8 reported home!

In 1972, Venera 8, a Soviet spacecraft, successfully landed on Venus! It successfully transmitted data back to Earth, providing valuable insights about the planet's atmosphere and surface – it’s hard to believe we were exploring the outer reaches of the solar system back in the 70s!

Special Days Falling on July 22nd

If you’re really stuck for a reason to celebrate or mark July 22nd this year, here are a few “official” dates you’re going to want to keep in your calendar.

World Brain Day

July 22nd every year marks World Brain Day – where people come together to learn more and raise awareness of conditions and afflictions that affect the human brain. It’s also a good day to consider your own mental health, to look into resources, and to reach out and help those who may be struggling with their own mental health woes.

Mango tree

National Mango Day

Mangos are some of the most delicious and natural sweet treats that Mother Nature has given to us! The incredible yellow meat tastes fresh and tangy in drinks, salads, ice cream, cocktails, you name it. However you like your mangos, make sure you enjoy some today on this US holiday.


Rat Catcher’s Day

Yes, really! It’s an icky job, but someone has to do it. For all rats are fantastic and feisty creatures that make great pets, wild rats can spread disease and cause untold damage across our homes and businesses. Today, we give thanks to our exterminators and rat catchers as part of this fairly niche, but still important US occasion.

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