On This Day - July 29th

Still basking in that wonderful summer warmth? We really don’t blame you – there are plenty of great reasons why July 29th is so memorable, and the sunshine is one of them! Here, however, are stacks more reasons why you’ll want to keep this date in your calendar.

On this day

Facts of the Netherlands

The University of Franeker was founded.

On this day in 1585, the University of Franeker, later known as the University of Friesland, was opened to the public. This esteemed institution became a hub of intellectual pursuits, shaping the minds of generations to come!

Eiffel Tower

An artistic revolution!

On this day in 1884, Paris played host to the start of a revolutionary artistic alliance. The Society of Independent Artists, founded by visionaries such as Odilon Redon, Paul Signac, Georges Seurat, and Albert Dubois-Pillet, aimed to challenge societal expectations, champion artistic freedom, and propel the avant-garde movement forward. Many say they succeeded!

Atomic blast

A step closer toward peace.

On July 29th, 1957, the International Atomic Energy Agency was first set up. Also known as the IAEA, the organization was initially floated by representatives from around the world in October 1956. The organization aims to help boost the use of atomic energy in pursuit of world peace, rather than the development of arms.

Facts of Albania

Albania gained international recognition.

July 29th, 1913 marked the date that Albania was officially proclaimed (and recognized as) an independent principality via European assent. This move came after the issue of the Vlorë proclamation, which effectively separated Albania from the Ottoman Empire as of November 28th, 1912. As a result, Albania doesn’t officially celebrate its independence until November each year!


The tenth planet?!

In what would become a bit of a letdown after the event, scientists leaped for joy as they believed they’d found our solar system’s fabled tenth planet. The planet in question, Eris, was thought to be the successor to Pluto – but it was downgraded to “dwarf” status after discovery on July 29th, 2005. Pluto succumbed to the same fate!

Special Days Falling on July 29th

Not sure what to make of today? Here are a few interesting days people are celebrating all over on July 29th.

World Decora Day

Ready to splash some style about? World Decora Day takes place on July 29th – and it’s a real celebration of vibrant self-expression and individuality in fashion! With bold colors, creative hairstyles, and eye-catching accessories, Decora fans express themselves in wild and wonderful ways! Now’s the time to break out your own colors and styles!

a dramatic photo of a tiger on a black background

International Tiger Day

Tiger, tiger, burning bright! Today’s a special day to pay tribute to the majestic and endangered big cats that roam the wild. It's a global effort, too, in raising awareness about tiger conservation and the urgent need to protect not only these beautiful creatures from poaching, but also to prevent further loss of their habitats.

Facts of Wallis and Futuna

Wallis and Futuna Territory Day

If you’ve ever explored the South Pacific before, there’s a good chance you have already heard of Wallis and Futuna. It’s a collective territory that’s technically part of France! In fact, the twin state was declared a French Overseas Territory on this date back in 1961, which is why today is seen as a unification day for many people. Both Wallis and Futuna and France are still closely linked, with the latter helping to provide support during natural disasters, as well as guidance for expatriates. It’s like a reverse independence day, but a positive one!

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