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🗓️ On This Day - July 6th

July 6th is more than another summer's day – it's a notable occasion for Beatles fans and anyone keen to get their fingers on some fried chicken. Sounds bizarre? We have all the reasons you’ll want to remember July 6th for below – and without further ado…

On this day

US Dollar

We got the dollar!

In 1785, today was the date that the US Congress unanimously resolved the name of US currency, where they obviously chose the “dollar.” They also adopted decimal coinage at the same time.


A young boy got an important vaccine!

In 1885, Louis Pasteur gave an anti-rabies vaccine to a nine-year-old boy named Joseph Meister. In doing so, he saved the boy's life! Pasteur was a French master of medicinal research and was also responsible for pioneering pasteurization, to which he gave his name.

Facts of Russia

The Russian Empire changed shape.

In 1923, the Central Executive Committee accepted the Treaty of Union, signed in Moscow in December 1922. And with it, the Russian Empire became the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or USSR. They were also known as the Soviet Union – but aren't anymore. Confused? You're not kidding…

Facts of Nicaragua

Nicaragua made history!

In 1945, Nicaragua became the first nation in the world to ratify the Charter of the United Nations. The Charter is a document laying out everything the UN's member states agree to abide by while retaining membership.

Lennon and McCartney

Two songwriters met, and the rest is history…

In 1957, John Lennon and Paul McCartney met for the very first time! They met at one of John Lennon’s performances with his group, the Quarrymen. As we all know, the next decade would be enormous for their next band, a little group known as The Beatles. Maybe you’ve heard of them?

Special Days Falling on July 6th

July 6th is also a great day to celebrate! And, if it’s no one’s birthday in your life, then celebrate these special days instead!
sushi hand rolls

National Hand Roll Day

Today is the perfect date to celebrate an edible part of Japanese culture that many of us adore; hand rolls! Each traditional hand roll is unique and can easily adjust to suit your tastes – in terms of color, texture, and flavor! Of course, having the right sauce to go with your hand rolls makes a difference, but many of us also enjoy them as-is! Be sure to chow down on some hand rolls at home or cooked for you at a local restaurant today.

fried chicken

National Fried Chicken Day

If hand rolls aren’t your thing, then why not stick to something a little closer to home? Fried chicken dishes provide some of the tastiest food on menus across the US, with southern states in particular being adept at “drumming” up some crispy treats.! But, if you can’t make it to New Orleans, then try making some fried chicken in the comfort of your own kitchen.

British Airways Boing 747

National Air Traffic Control Day

Without air traffic controllers, our flights would be much less safe! It’s not just the pilots and crew who keep us safely up in the air, but also the ground crew such as those manning air traffic control. Today’s the perfect day to recognize their hard work and incredible attention to detail.

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