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đź“… On This Day - June 13th

The 13th can sometimes be a scary date for some people, and, given some moments from June 13ths past, it certainly was. But, it is also a date for celebration and some impressive achievements! Here’s everything you should know about June 13th – it’s time to batter up, and maybe even do a spot of weeding once you’ve finished throwing axes about…

On this day

interesting facts about usa independence day

Civil rights were on the table.

In 1866, the US House of Representatives passed the 14th Amendment. The Amendment confirms to readers that "No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States". Some would say we could do with re-reading that!


Someone get him some lemonade!

June 13th, 1922, marked a bizarre series of events for one Charlie Osborne – he started getting hiccups and wouldn’t stop for another 68 years! He finally stopped hiccupping in 1991 – but would die the year after.


South Africa started further splits.

Decades on from initiating what would be the first signs of apartheid across the country, June 13th, 1950, saw South Africa start to segregate non-white people from specific areas of the nation. This often led to many non-white people forced into less developed areas. Thankfully, apartheid was slowly dismantled by the end of the century.

Vietnam war choppers

The New York Times published some shocking news!

In 1971, The New York Times started to publish controversial excerpts from the Pentagon Papers. These classified documents detailed the long history of the US in Vietnam – and while leaker Daniel Ellsberg faced calls to go to jail, he wasn't convicted of espionage.

interesting facts about Nelson Mandela

The UN made a statement!

In 1980, the UN Security Council called for South Africa to finally free Nelson Mandela! He famously went on to become the country’s first president – a move which helped to reverse some of the country’s painful apartheid rules.

Special Days Falling on June 13th

June 13th happens to be a great day to play some softball, weed your garden, and… throw an axe? Yes, it’s another one of those dates with a few wacky occasions worth celebrating. Here are our three favorites falling on June 13th.
World Softball Day

World Softball Day

Softball is absolutely one of the most popular pastimes across the US – and it’s likely many of you out there remember trying out for softball class at school. For many of us, it was a small gateway into baseball, too! Today’s an excellent day to play some softball with buddies, or at least to read up on the history of the sport.

International Axe Throwing Day

International Axe Throwing Day

If softball isn’t your thing, and you’d like to leave more of a mark, then why not try axe throwing? However, do not try it at home or even on your own! Axe throwing is (as you can probably guess) extremely dangerous – meaning it’s worth spending today at a licensed center where you can safely throw axes at targets (and make sure no one gets hurt).

National Weed Your Garden Day

National Weed Your Garden Day

Let's face it – there are always going to be times when the yard could use a bit of TLC. Given that we're in the peak of summer in the upper hemisphere, today really is a good day to get those gardening gloves and trowels out and to start pulling up a few nasty perennials.

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