Battle of Waterloo

📅 On This Day - June 18th

June 18th is more than just your average summer’s day. It’s prime time to try a bit of sushi, treat yourself to something nice, and to look back on some of history’s most epic battles. It’s no ordinary date in the calendar – and here’s why!

On this day

Battle of Waterloo

Waterloo, they couldn’t escape if they wanted to.

Before becoming a well-known English station and an ABBA hit, Waterloo was a world-famous battle between the French and the British. And, on this date back in 1815, Wellington defeated Napoleon and his French forces.

lightning facts

We struck lightning!

Or, rather, back in 1847, Thomas Martin Easterly struck it when he took what’s thought to be the first-ever photograph of lightning! He captured the picture in St. Louis, Missouri, using “daguerreotype” techniques.

Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony was fined.

Although a fine may not sound like a big deal, back in 1873, Susan B. Anthony was famously fined for voting for the US President in Rochester, New York. This was a bygone time when women were not allowed to vote, and this world-famous suffragette was taking a stand! She refused to pay the fine, and thankfully, no further action against her was taken. Clearly, taking away her rights was enough.

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart landed in Wales.

In 1928, on this very date, Amelia Earhart finally landed at Burry Port, Wales. This was a historical moment as it marked the first time ever a woman flew across the Atlantic Ocean!

Charles de Gaulle

General Charles de Gaulle made an important speech.

Back in 1940, today was the date that General Charles de Gaulle made a speech to the French people, calling for their resistance against the Nazi occupiers, thus officially beginning the French Resistance during World War II! He, of course, famously made the encouraging and brave speech outside of France, from London, using the BBC to contact the people fighting in France.

Special Days Falling on June 18th

Time to get back to the present – as we take a quick look at a few special days and occasions falling on June 18th. From our research, today’s a great day for tucking into some fish delicacies, making a break for it, and splashing out on a treat for yourself.
fun facts about July

National Wanna Get Away Day

We all have days when we’ve had enough and just need to get away! Well, whether the summer holidays are just around the corner or not, why not blow off your responsibilities for a day, and take a trip? Go anywhere! Even a road trip might be enough to blow away some of the old cobwebs.

Interesting facts about Sushi

International Sushi Day

Sushi is, of course, a huge part of Japanese cuisine and culture – and it’s certainly caught on overseas, too. June 18th marks a day when we can all try this fishy dish for the first time, or for firm fans to try a few new twists on their favorite dishes.

Withdrawing money from ATM

National Splurge Day

Speaking of spending money on something you love, why not spend a little more on yourself and have some fun? It can be on a trip, some new clothing you've wanted, home improvements… go for it! As long as it truly makes you happy, it is worth it – and while we all need to live within our means, the occasional treat really isn't going to hurt anyone!

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