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🗓️ On This Day - March 24th

March 24th - a big day for UFO spotters and people who really strive to achieve! It may well be a special day of your own today - but there are also plenty of other reasons to mark this date on your calendar. Let’s take a look at why March 24th is so notable from years gone by.

On this day


Real steel!

March 24th marks the birthday of the world-famous Carnegie Steel Company, setting up for the first time in New Jersey in 1900. At the time, it was the biggest and most valuable steel provider of its kind!

The Great Escape film poster

The inspiration for the Great Escape!

Many people know of the famous Steve McQueen movie “The Great Escape” - but what about the real-life event the film was based on? That took place on March 24th 1944 - when a group of Allied POWs escaped from a German camp. Sadly, the majority of the 75 who escaped were eventually recaptured.

billboard logo

Billboard’s album chart is born!

March 24th 1945 saw the first publication of the ground-breaking US Billboard Album Chart in its magazine, which advised readers who sold the most pop records during a given week. The first artist to claim the top spot on this day was Nat King Cole, with his "King Cole Trio" claiming the maiden number-one album.

The Truth is Out There... an alien approaching

The truth is out there!

Several people experienced a “close encounter” with unidentified flying objects on this day in 1983 - as a bizarre event in the sky unfolded in a cluster of unexplained lights. One such spotter included Gloria Scalzo, who advised the New York Times of odd, colored lights beaming closer in the air over Route, New Castle. She described the cluster as like a “town”, but “in the sky.”

Denzel Washington

Berry and Washington take further strides for African Americans at the Oscars.

On March 24th 2002, Halle Berry and Denzel Washington both took home the Best Actress and Best Actor Oscars, respectively. This was a momentous occasion - they were only the second and third people of African American descent ever to win awards for leading roles in film.

Special Days Falling on March 24th

Not got much to shout about today? Here are a few reasons why March 24th is so notable both in the US and all over the world.

National Cocktail Day

Cocktails are some of the most vibrant and memorable drinks you’ll ever get to sample - and both aficionados and bartenders across the US celebrate their creation and diversity today. Make sure to follow a recipe or two if you would like to try your own today - and as always, do drink responsibly!


International Achievers’ Day

No, it’s not a day for showoffs! In fact, International Achievers’ Day celebrates some of the most fascinating innovations and historic moments achieved through sheer perseverance and skill. That doesn’t mean you have to break any records today - and you certainly don’t have to go it alone! Team up with someone and see what you can achieve today.

philly cheesesteak sandwich

National Cheesesteak Day

Philly cheesesteak is an iconic recipe that’s long since left the borders of Philadelphia PA - back in 1930, Pat Olivieri created the sandwich that’s captured the taste buds of millions. You’ll find this handy treat available to snack on at vendors, in restaurants, and from takeout joints across the country.

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