Medal of Honor Day

🗓️ On This Day - March 25th

We're starting to move out of early spring in the upper hemisphere - the days may get brighter or darker depending on where you are! March 25th may not seem like a particularly special date to recall, but there are plenty of historical events worth marking, as well as special days to observe. Let's take a look at some of the most notable events from March 25th heading back decades.

On this day


Alas, poor Yorick…

On March 25th 1949, Laurence Olivier's film "Hamlet" won five Oscars! At 41 years old, as well as directing the film, Olivier won one of the Oscars as Best Actor. The classic Shakespeare tale has been retold many times, but Olivier is still known as one of the best interpreting actors of the Bard's work.

Sugar Ray Robinson

Robinson defends his title.

In 1958, Sugar Ray Robinson defended the World Middleweight boxing title successfully, seeing off Carmen "The Onion Farmer" Basilio. Many thought Robinson would fold to his rival, who'd fought together previously - the pugilists took the action to fifteen incredible rounds at their last meeting!

The Selma-Montgomery March took its last steps.

The important civil rights march between Selma and Montgomery AL - led by Martin Luther King Jr - finally completed its last few steps on this day back in 1965. It was a momentous occasion - as the march had previously faced police curtailment at least twice. It’s one of the most iconic protest movements of the 20th century.


Wikipedia’s inspiration takes to the web.

While it’d be a handful of years before Wikipedia took to the web itself, March 25th 1995 saw the launch of the WikiWikiWeb, an editable website or knowledge base created by Ward Cunningham. It was the first-ever “wiki” - a term used to describe similar repositories all over the internet.

Crab Nebula

NASA showed us all the Crab Nebula!

Space exploration and research really has evolved over the years, and on March 25th 2001, NASA observed the Crab Nebula high up in the heavens - producing a series of stunning photos that completely changed the way we saw the outer reaches.

Special Days Falling on March 25th

If you’re stuck for something to celebrate on March 25th, you’re in luck. Here are a few special occasions marked both in the US as well as worldwide.
Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day

International Waffle Day

No one really knows a waffle better than the US - but how about Belgium? In any case, March 25th is a great day to try a waffle or two, maybe with a flavor or topping combination you’ve yet to try! Often served at breakfast time, waffles are swift and easy to make.

Medal of Honor Day

National Medal of Honor Day

Today is a fantastic day to remember the US’ national heroes. Congress selected this date to recognize those recipients of the National Congressional Medal of Honor, and to remind people of their achievement, distinguishing themselves by acts of selflessness and valor. The MHO is the highest military decoration awarded across the country.

Lord of the Rings

Tolkien Reading Day

This national day celebrates the legendary world of JRR Tolkien, famed author of the "Lord of The Rings" novels. It's a good day to settle down with a good book and take pleasure in reading! Today's date was chosen because it matches a very important date in Middle-Earth… no spoilers!

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