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On This Day - May 16th

We’ve made it to the middle of the month! By now, the sun should be shining, barbecues should be getting dusted off, and we are well on our way to summer vacation. But before we try to skip this day too easily, let’s find out what makes it so special! May 16th marks big days for movies, music, and even cocktails!

On this day

Joan of Arc illustration

Joan of Arc was honored.

On this day back in 1920, Joan of Arc, or by her French name, Jeanne d’Arc, was officially canonized as a saint. Her efforts to defend France are legendary and made a huge impact at the time - and her name is revered ever since. There’s a good chance you’ve studied her already.

Academy Awards golden trophy

It was time to go to the Oscars!

Back in 1929, the first-ever Academy Awards took place - and the film “Wings,” Emil Jannings and Janet Gaynor took home prestigious awards! The event unfolded over at the Hollywood Roosevelt, based in LA, with Douglas Fairbanks taking presenting duties.


Prince unleashes a huge hit.

In 1984, today was the day that late musician Prince released his song “When Doves Cry.” The song went on to become the Billboard Song of the Year of that same year, and is officially certified platinum. It’s likely one of the first songs many people recall when thinking of the late star.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan was noticed for all of the right reasons!

Although we all know him today as a basketball legend, even Michael Jordan had to start somewhere! And, on this very day back in 1985, Michael Jordan was ceremoniously named NBA Rookie of the Year. Jordan's regarded as the "greatest of all time" by millions of Chicago Bulls fans.

Top Gun

We headed for the highway to the danger zone.

In 1986, today was the day that the aviation action epic “Top Gun” first premiered! The film, directed by the late Tony Scott and starring Tom Cruise, went on to become a huge success and came back for a sequel by popular demand in 2022 - which did even better at the box office.

Special Days Falling on May 16th

May 16th is a very special day every year - whether you want to focus on peace, light, or cocktails, here are a few reasons why it’s worth marking the calendar.
World Peace Day - January 1st

International Day of Living in Peace

Let's face it - life in an ever-evolving society has always been complicated, and despite the fact that we are now well into the 21st Century, we still live in a time where war and violent conflict are unfolding all around us. So, today, take the time to consider the current wars and conflicts around the world and take stock of your role in reducing conflicts (if only minor ones!).

International Day of Light

International Day of Light is celebrated to mark the creation of the laser! Theodore Maiman was the inventor credited for this crucial creation, and today’s an important day to consider how we can continue harnessing light and innovation to further scientific growth and (along with the above) further inspire glocal peace.


National Mimosa Day

Ever tasted a mimosa before? It’s a super-simple cocktail that’s popular all over the world. It’s made from champagne and orange juice, and despite what James Bond might tell you, it’s stirred, never shaken! Today’s a great day to try a new treat (but please drink responsibly!).

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