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On This Day - November 19th

November 19th is a popular day for millions of people worldwide, especially for those celebrating birthdays and special occasions! Otherwise, it's a great opportunity to look back at some seriously interesting moments in history. If you are celebrating for any reason today, we share some famous birthdays in our guide below, and fill you in on what today's star sign really means.

On this day

Facts of Japan

The Mongol Army landed in Japan.

In 1274, the Mongol Army landed at Hakata Bay in Japan during their first invasion attempt. They were defeated, however, as a typhoon destroyed most of their fleet as they returned.

Facts of Italy

The Battle at Milan took place.

In 1521, the Battle at Milan took place. Emperor Charles V’s Spanish and German troops defeated the French forces and occupied Milan. Seems like it was a popular day for battles and skirmishes in history!

ivan the terrible and his son

Ivan Ivanovich died.

In 1581, Tsarevich Ivan Ivanovich died. He had been attacked by his father, Ivan the Terrible, during an argument three days earlier. However, the Tsar lineage would continue for several centuries, with Bolsheviks overturning the regime in the early 20th century.

maori wars

The Maori from Ngati Tama arrived on the Chatham Islands.

In 1835, a ship transporting 500 armed Maori soldiers from Ngati Mutunga and Ngati Tama arrived on the islands of Chatham. The Moriori, who were not killed following the arrival of the Maori, were enslaved.

facts about Spain

Women were given the right to vote in Spain!

In 1933, Spanish women were finally given the right to vote. However, this right would then be stripped away from them again and would only return to them again in 1977, following the death of the dictator Francisco Franco.

Special Days Falling on November 19th

On November 19th, every year, the world has plenty to celebrate. Here are some of the biggest celebrations taking place today.
Facts of Belize

Garifuna Settlement Day

For the people of Belize, November 19th is Garifuna Settlement Day. The day honors the migration of the Garifuna tribes into Belize after having been displaced from the Grenadines islands by the British government. So, the day is dedicated to their arrival and their contributions to the culture and their new home.

Facts of Monaco

Monaco National Day

For the people of Monaco, November 19th is Monaco National Day! The day is also known as The Sovereign Prince’s Day and is there to celebrate the nation of Monaco in all of its glory! Small yet mighty, Monaco is worth remembering for more than just Grace Kelly and motor races!

interesting facts about men

International Men’s Day

For people all over the world, November 19th is International Men’s Day. It’s a day that is not only dedicated to honoring the great men in our lives but also to shed light on men’s mental health. Sadly, the stigma surrounding men suppressing mental health concerns can lead to them having a higher suicide and depression rate than women. So, today, remember to check on the men in your lives and perhaps start a discussion in the hopes of helping them open up about anything that could be on their minds.

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This month in history

In 1936, Germany and Japan agreed to sign what became known as the Anti-Comintern Pact. The pact saw the two nations agree to collaborate in opposing the spread of Communism. However, problems were spiraling in the other direction, as Hitler's Germany continued to extend its atrocities.

Famous Birthdays on November 19th

Emperor Go-Kashiwabara, 104th Emperor of Japan, born 1462

Indira Gandhi, former Indian Prime Minister, born 1917

Larry King, American talk show legend, born 1933

Jodie Foster, American actor, born 1962

Adam Driver, American actor, born 1983

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Facts

If you were born on November 19th…


…you’re a Scorpio! You’re powerful, brave, and a great partner to have around. Scorpios are, unsurprisingly, represented by the scorpion in the Western Zodiac, and are sometimes known for having a little sting in their tails! Scorpios care deeply about the people who matter most to them, and while they can be reserved, they are never willing to give up a fight if it’s a worthy cause.


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