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On This Day - November 8th

So, November may not be known as the most fun month of the year, but we’d like you to give each day a chance! For example, November 8th is one of the most interesting days of the year! Here are some of the reasons why – and many happy returns if today happens to be a particularly special day for you or anyone you love.

On this day


X-rays were discovered!

In 1895, Wilhelm Röntgen, a physicist from Germany, famously produced and detected electromagnetic radiation in wavelengths. Today, they are known as X-rays – and we rely on them to recover from broken bones and to find out more about internal problems that would otherwise be tricky to diagnose and treat!

1st Earl of Lucan

The Earl of Lucan disappeared.

In 1974, the Earl of Lucan in Britain disappeared and was never seen again. His nanny was found murdered in London shortly before he disappeared. He’s famously referred to as “Lord Lucan” and remained at the heart of some of the wildest conspiracy theories to circulate across the UK for decades,

Anna Lee Fisher went to space.

In 1984, NASA astronaut Anna Lee Fisher went into orbit onboard the STS 51-A. In so doing, she became the first Mom in space – an incredible achievement, and we dare say there aren’t many kids who can say their Moms have seen the world from the stratosphere!

Facts of Iraq

Iraq was forced to disarm.

In 2002, the Iraq disarmament crisis took place. The UN Security Council, under Resolution 1441, approved the resolution on Iraq that forced Saddam Hussein to disarm. Hussein would later be executed following the US’ publicized “War On Terror” following 9/11 and rising fear surrounding terrorism.

Facts about Liberia

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf became president.

In 2005, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf officially became president of Liberia. She was the first woman ever to be elected president in an African country – another great achievement for womankind on November 8th!

Special Days Falling on November 8th

One of the things that makes November 8th so interesting is the incredible events that take place around the world today! Here are some holidays and special occasions unfolding across the globe that might just interest you.
Radiology department

International Day of Radiology

Every November 8th, people honor the day x-rays were discovered with the International Day of Radiology. Radiology plays a vital role that helps saving and helping millions of people every year in healthcare. Every year, to honor the creation of radiology, a new theme is chosen to focus on specific radiology specialties, so check out today’s theme to learn more!

Piano and Sheet music

World Pianist Day

Every November 8th is also World Pianist Day. The day is, of course, dedicated to pianists of the world, their achievements, and their contributions to music. Few instruments are as revered as the piano, and let’s face it, it deserves the attention it gets! But, today is also about celebrating the lesser-known pianists of the world – and to honor those who are able to tinkle the ivories and create some fantastic music.

right kidney

The Start of NYC Kidney Walk

Every November 8th to November 14th plays host to the New York City Kidney Walk. The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) started this annual event to spread mass awareness about kidney disease and in the hopes of helping to raise funds for those in need.

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