Harry Houdini

On This Day - October 24th

October 24th has proven time and time again that it is a date upon which anything can happen. Although we all tend to focus more on another couple of important October dates, feast your eyes on October 24th for a while – especially if you’re marking a birthday or anniversary today, in which case, here are some fascinating facts to add to the occasion!

On this day

Mount Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius erupted.

In 79, Mount Vesuvius erupted, and, in so doing, it buried the cities of Herculaneum, Pompeii, Oplontis, and Stabiae. Thousands of people and animals also died.


Qutuz was murdered.

In 1260, Qutuz, Mamluk Sultan of Egypt, from 1259 to 1260, was murdered. He was killed by Baibars, a fellow Mamlik leader who took power for himself.

Facts about France

The Treaty of Brétigny was ratified.

In 1360, the Treaty of Brétigny saw ratification over in Calais, France. This marked the first phase of the Hundred Years’ War coming to a close – but the conflict itself would roll on until 1453.

Facts of Switzerland

Switzerland gained its independence.

In 1648, the Thirty Years’ War in the Holy Roman Empire finally ended with the Treaty of Westphalia. Thus, Switzerland’s independence was finally recognized! Yes, as bizarre as it might seem, Switzerland has only been a truly independent nation for a little under 400 years.

Harry Houdini

Houdini bowed out.

Harry Houdini, world-famous magician and escapologist, would perform on stage for the very last time on this date back in 1926, over in Detroit, Michigan. He passed away just a week later, on October 31st, from a suspected burst appendix.

Special Days Falling on October 24th

October 24th may not mean much to you yet, but once you learn about these special events taking place around the world today, you may think differently!
interesting facts about Kangaroos

National Kangaroo Awareness Day

For the people of Australia, October 24th is National Kangaroo Awareness Day! The day is dedicated to the incredible marsupials that symbolize Australia and its stunning wildlife. These wonderful creatures are hunted and killed across the country in violent and cruel ways for no reason at all. So, today, learn more about the current policies in place for killing kangaroos and see what you can do to help these poor animals.

Facts about the United Nations

United Nations Day

It is quite befitting for October 24th usually fall within Disarmament Week, as it is also United Nations Day! The day is marked every year to celebrate the anniversary of the UN Charter of 1945. The UN has been an incredible organization intent on creating peace, resolving conflicts, and dealing with issues that affect communities around the world since its beginning, and long may it continue!


World Tripe Day

Yes, believe it or not, these animal offcuts have their own special day, and it falls on October 24th each year. Tripe certainly isn’t everyone’s favorite dish, but today is at least a day to remember that if we eat meat, it’s best not to let it go to waste. Take a look at a few tripe dishes today, or maybe even try it for the first time… if your taste buds are up to the challenge!

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