International Poke Day

On This Day - September 28th

For those of us in the upper hemisphere, the year is starting to cool down – but in the lower half of the globe, things are really heating up! Regardless of where you live in the world, it’s not hard to see why September 28th is such an important date to mark on the calendar. Regardless of whether or not you are celebrating, here are some fascinating facts and figures about September 28th you’ll want to keep in mind.

On this day

Pompey the Great

Pompey the Great was assassinated.

In 48 BC, Pompey the Great faced assassination via the orders of King Ptolemy of Egypt once he landed in Egypt. He played an important role in the transformation of Rome from a humble republic into a thriving Empire.

fun facts about 1066

The Norman Conquest of England began.

In 1066, William the Conqueror, although then he was only the Duke of Normandy, landed at Pevensey Bay in Sussex. Thus began the Norman conquest of England. Eventually, as you might remember from history class, he’d become king of England and change the country’s direction forever!

Battle of Tinchebrai

The Battle of Tinchebrai took place.

In 1106, the Battle of Tinchebrai started to unfold as of September 28th. During the battle, English King Henry I defeated his brother Robert, Duke of Normandy, on the latter’s home turf.

Yellow River

The Yellow River flooded, causing mass devastation.

In 1887, the Yellow River, also known as Huáng Hé, flooded China. It reportedly killed between 900,000 and two million people, easily becoming one of the deadliest natural disasters ever recorded.

The Planet Mars

Water was found on Mars!

In 2015, NASA scientists made the groundbreaking announcement that they had indeed discovered the presence of flowing water on Mars! This set excited tongues wagging about the potential for life – and while we’re yet to find any intelligent Martians at the time of writing, time will tell what lies out in the stars beyond our reach…

Special Days Falling on September 28th

There’s always something to celebrate somewhere in the world, and we’re here to prove it! Here are some of the most important events taking place today.
facts about the internet

International Day for Universal Access to Information

We live in a world where access to information has never been easier to come by. For many of us, we simply need to check our phones for practically anything we’d like to know! And that access to universal information should be available to everyone – today’s the day to recognize those countries where censorship may prevent access to information en masse, and to show gratitude for the details we can read and enjoy.

International Poke Day

International Poke Day

Poke, a traditional Hawaiian dish, is usually made up of marinated fresh fish, seaweed, candlenut, and more – however, the dish has been adapted in various ways in various parts of the world! Make your favorite poke bowl-style meal today and honor this great Hawaiian cuisine – there are likely to be plenty of different takes on this popular taste sensation online.

World Rabies Day

World Rabies Day

Rabies is a deadly disease that, many say, once you contract, is impossible to fully recover from. This fatal disease can kill more than just our domestic animals. That is why it is so important that our animals be vaccinated against rabies when they need to be. Check with your vet today about your animals’ rabies vaccinations, and let’s prevent this disease from spreading.

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