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On This Day - September 2nd

We're getting closer toward the fall now in the upper hemisphere, and that means things are starting to cool down a little – and as we enter the last month of "Q3," there are still lots of facts and stats to learn about. In this guide, we'll take you through some of the most important reasons why September 2nd is worth marking and why it's more than just any other day on the calendar.

On this day

The Battle of Actium

The Battle of Actium, in 31 BC, took place.

In 31 BC, the famous naval Battle of Actium took place. On this date, Octavian's forces defeated those fighting under Mark Antony and Cleopatra. They were dispatched off of Greece's western coast.

Great fire of Rome

The Great Fire of London ravaged the city.

In 1666, the Great Fire of London started at 2am in Pudding Lane. The fire destroyed over 80% of the city. The fire is said to have started thanks to a stray spark in a baker’s oven – six people died as a result of the tragedy.

The French Revolution’

The French Revolution’s September Massacres unfolded.

In 1792, the September Massacres of the French Revolution took place as of September 2nd. Rampaging mobs slaughtered Catholic bishops, priests, and prisoners who were thought to be royalists. The massacres took place in the capital of Paris.

Afghanistan Facts

World War II officially came to a close.

September 2nd, 1945 technically brought World War II to a close. It was the signing of Japan's surrender onboard the USS Missouri that officially saw an end to conflicts born out of the Second World War.

Flag of Vietnam

Vietnam was declared independent.

In 1945, Ho Chi Minh declared that Vietnam was independent from France. September 2nd remains an important date for Vietnam, but more on that later on!

Special Days Falling on September 2nd

September 2nd may seem like just another day to you, but to many around the world, it is one of the most important dates of the year. Here are some of the most important holidays worldwide that take place on September 2nd.

Ceuta Day

Ceuta Day, also known as Dia de Ceuta, is the day that celebrates the independence of the autonomous city of Ceuta in Spain. There are festivities around the city to celebrate the day, and, as a public holiday, most businesses, schools, and more are shut down!

facts about Vietnam

National Day of Vietnam

National Day of Vietnam is also known as the Independence Day of Vietnam! The day
commemorates Vietnam’s independence from France, which it gained back in 1945. Across the country, speeches, carnivals, and all kinds of events take place on this day. And, given that it is such an important day for Vietnam, most people are granted the day off to celebrate in their own way.

International Bacon Day

International Bacon Day

Really, need we say more? Whether you like it with eggs, on a burger, or on salads, bacon pretty much goes with everything, and nothing can beat its incredible smell. If you don’t eat meat, there are plenty of bacon-flavored alternatives that taste just as great and without the animal byproducts. Tuck into your favorite bacon treat today!

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