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On This Day - September 5th

If you're not celebrating a birthday or an anniversary today, you might not think September 5th sounds too important. But that's where you're wrong! Today, there are plenty of things to look back on. From historical events to famous birthdays, we've rounded up everything you need to know about 9/5 – so let's get started. Oh, and congratulations, too, if it is a special day for you today!

On this day


Beards were not well-liked in Russia!

In 1698, the famous Tsar Peter the Great imposed a tax on beards! The police were allowed to publicly shave those who kept beards and refused to pay the tax. He ordered this to align Russian society with that of Western Europe.

Fun facts about Pirates

England’s George I granted pardons.

In 1717, as part of the Proclamation For Suppressing Pirates in the West Indies, King George I granted those who surrendered as pirates a pardon. The proclamation was later reissued in 1718.

Léopold Sédar Senghor

Léopold Sédar Senghor was elected.

In 1960, poet Léopold Sédar Senghor was elected as President of Senegal. He was the nation’s very first President, and the country’s continued this democratic system ever since.

interesting facts about Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela took public office not long after leaving prison.

In 1991, the legendary Nelson Mandela was chosen as the President of the African National Congress. Three years later, in 1994, he became South Africa's very first democratically elected President. Following decades as a political prisoner within his own country, he'd help to reform South Africa beyond apartheid.

Earthquake facts

China experienced a mid-COVID earthquake.

In 2022, a 6.6 magnitude earthquake hit the city of Chengdu in China. The city was still under COVID-19 lockdown, and 65 people died from the natural disaster.

Special Days Falling on September 5th

September 5th also marks a very important day for people all around the world! Different celebrations and commemorations take place on this very date, and here are just a few to look out for.
International Day of Charity

International Day of Charity

Although the day was originally commemorated only in Hungary to mark Mother Teresa's death, the UN declared it would become an international celebration in 2012. The day still marks Mother Teresa and her work, but it also encourages us all to take the time to consider the charity we do in our lives, how charitable acts have helped us, and what we can do to help others more. Take the time today to help someone else in your life wherever possible.

Mother Teresa

Saint Teresa Canonisation Day

Speaking of Mother Teresa, in Albania, every September 5th is an important holiday. It is a day when people around the country take the time to honor one of their most influential figures. In order to honor Mother Teresa and her work, religious ceremonies are held across the nation.

World Samosa Day

World Samosa Day

Once you have done your charitable acts for the day, you can also celebrate by enjoying some samosas! September 5th honors this incredible food popular in India, South Africa, Egypt, and the Middle East. Samosas come in all different flavors, but generally just the one pyramid shape! So, enjoy some samosas today with your loved ones.

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This month in history

The Libyan government was overthrown. In 1969, military officers overthrew the Libyan government, and, in so doing, they also proclaimed the Libyan Arab Republic. The republic of the time was led by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

Famous Birthdays on September 5th

Louis XIV, King of France and Sun King, born 1638

Jesse James, American outlaw, born 1847

Amy Beach, American pianist and composer, born 1867

Freddie Mercury, English singer-songwriter (Queen), born 1946

Michael Keaton, American actor, born 1951

Facts about Virgo
If you were born on September 5th…

…you’re a Virgo! You have a very logical mind, which means you’re great at handling difficult situations, but it also makes you very self-critical. You can also be shy and slightly withdrawn, but people love you for your thoughtfulness and your willingness to help others in need. Of course, not all Virgos are the same, which is why it’s a good plan to check out our Virgo facts page and see which traits line up best with your personality. It’s always fun to think about horoscopes and star signs!

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