Climate Change fun facts

facts about Climate Change
3 Jun

16 Facts About Climate Change You Need To Know

The world is changing all around us, so isn’t it time you learned just what’s going on out there? Take a look at these shocking facts about climate change and you’ll never think about it the same way again. 1. Global warming and climate change add up to the same problems. Global warming is included …
facts about extinction
30 Dec

12 Important Facts about Extinction

Extinction refers to the end of life – that may be the end of a particular animal or plant species, for example. Perhaps most famously, we know of the extinction of the dinosaurs – but, sadly, there are many species still going extinct to this day for various reasons – some within our control. Here …
cracked soil brought about by drought
22 Mar

10 Devastating Facts about Drought

Drought is no laughing matter – when you’re without water, you’re in trouble. However, droughts can occur all over the world, and sadly, they can affect millions of people and animals alike. This phenomenon isn’t always easy to predict, though the work of the International Space Station is helping us to understand more and more …
Facts on Greenpeace
27 Sep

19 Protective Facts About Greenpeace

Greenpeace is an international organization dedicated to preserving endangered species of animals, preventing environmental abuses, and increasing environmental awareness. Using non-violent creative actions, it paves the way towards a greener, more peaceful world. Despite its values, Forbes magazine has described its systems as an impressive business model, although the organization is currently holding a non-profit …
Global Warming Facts
20 Aug

27 Alarming Facts About Global Warming

Global warming is a topic that still seems to be causing a bit of a stir. Scientific studies across the decades show that our planet is getting warmer. This not only means that our polar ice caps are at risk of melting, but it also means that we could be saying goodbye to many species …
facts about floods
30 Jun

17 Frightening Facts About Flooding

Flooding is truly devastating. Occurring for a variety of reasons, floods are some of the deadliest natural and artificial events which ravage homes and businesses all over the world. Floods can arise through bursting of waterway banks, during earthquakes and during hurricanes. In some cases, flooding can simply occur during intense rainfall when poor defenses …
polution facts
30 May

43 Thought-Provoking Facts About Pollution

It’s a sad fact indeed that pollution levels are rising all over the world.  With the advancement in modern technology, there’s an advancement in the amount of toxins we continue to push into the atmosphere.  Scientific studies going back decades demonstrate that carbon emissions and more besides are threatening the future of our planet.  Not …