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17 Sweet Facts about Alabama

Many people outside the US will likely know the state of Alabama best from a certain Lynyrd Skynyrd song – you know the one!  However, it’s one of the most fascinating states in the whole of the country for plenty of other reasons.  One of the staple states of the south, chances are there are plenty of interesting facts about Alabama you didn’t know!  Let’s dive in and find a few.

  1. Alabama’s State capital has been moved five times; It’s currently Montgomery.
  2. Alabama, believe it or not, is famous for its connections to rocket design and engineering. That’s thanks to many Alabamian engineers having worked on NASA rockets.  The most famous, of course, was used during Moon missions!
  3. Alabama was an early adopter of Mardi Gras celebrations in the USA.
Facts about Alabama

Alabama state flag

  1. The first open heart surgery in the West took place in Alabama, thanks to pioneering work by Dr Luther Leonidas Hill.
  2. Around five million people live here, and the state ranks fairly in the middle in terms of size, at 30th
  3. Steiner Shipyard, found in Bayou La Batre, has built some very famous boats. One of the most famous in recent times is, of course, the Black Pearl from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies!
  1. Alabama’s roads used to be made from wood. That’s because pine logs were once used to help deliver cotton gin across a four mile stretch!
  2. A major player in ceding from the Union, Alabama is still potentially home to explosives buried deep from the American Civil War. A huge stock of ten cannonballs, for example, were found deep beneath pavements near the University of Alabama.
  3. Most states have an official drink that everyone can enjoy. Alabama does have an official drink, but unlike other states, it’s alcoholic – namely, it’s Conecuh Ridge whisky.

Interesting Facts about Alabama

  1. There is – believe it or not – an historic property in Bessemer called Sweet Home. Its formal address, therefore, is Sweet Home, Alabama.
  2. Alabama has a huge role to play in kicking off the American Civil War, with a telegram declaration emanating from Montgomery thought to have triggered the internal battles that followed.
  3. There are many famous Alabamians. Civil rights legend Rosa Parks was born here, as was the singer Nat ‘King’ Cole.  Alabama is also home for the actor Channing Tatum.
Alabama Facts

Montgomery, Alabama

  1. Alabama started celebrating Christmas, at least officially, before all other states. They recognised its importance as a holiday in 1836.
  2. Harper Lee based ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ around the Alabama courthouse where she would watch her attorney father work when she was a child. As such, said courthouse has since become a major tourist hotspot.
  3. The first call to 911, the US emergency services, came from Alabama back in 1968.
  4. The word ‘Alabama’ actually comes from the Choctaw language. It’s a hybrid of the words Amo (picker) and Alba (vegetables).
  5. However, the state was actually named after its main river, which in turn was named after the local tribe, who were – fittingly – vegetation farmers!

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