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15 Fabulous Facts about Capri

Ever visited the Mediterranean before? If yes, then you may well have heard about the fabulous island of Capri, which you will find close to Italy, and jam-packed full of wild and wonderful history and heritage.

Of course, you will likely want to travel here for the amazing sunshine, the sand, and the villas, too! Here are some interesting facts about Capri which might just surprise you before you next visit.

  1. Capri dates back further than many people might imagine. In fact, it is thought to have been a home for people since 8 BC, meaning that Ancient Greeks once inhabited the island. Since that time, it has of course become a very popular holiday getaway and hideaway for people across the continent.
  2. Capri’s status as an island travels all the way back to ancient times. It is thought that you are able to spot rocks and formations across Capri which date all the way back to the main ages of the dinosaurs, specifically the Jurassic era.
  3. The island has a relatively small population, though it likely seems busier than the statistics suggest as it is a popular tourist resort. However, Capri once fell to the bubonic plague during the 1800s. At this time, only around 750 people lived here, but once the plague reached the island, around 300 citizens were known to succumb and pass away.

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  1. No one is entirely sure why the island is called Capri, nor what the word actually means. However, the island’s name is responsible for the Caprese salad, which naturally has roots here.
  2. As well as being known for its spectacular shorelines, there are some truly towering peaks in Capri. The tallest point on the whole island is around 1,932 feet, and that belongs to the impressive Monte Solaro.
  3. There is an abundance of wildlife on the island, with many birds – including peregrine falcons and quails – calling the region home. However, you will also find plenty of interesting lizards here, too, such as the gecko and the Faraglioni blue lizard.
  1. Capri technically isn’t an island – it’s a big rock! The rock in question is mainly limestone, but also consists of sandstone, too.
  2. The island is actually split into two, which is how it first emerged when settlers first landed. Therefore, people will always vote for two mayors, one to run either end of Capri.
  3. The Blue Grotto remains one of the most popular areas of natural beauty in Capri. In fact, it is thought that the Emperor Tiberius, who ruled up to 37 AD, once claimed the area for his own private swimming spot. Since then, of course, no one has staked a particular claim over it. In fact, it remains one of the more popular sailing and swimming spots in the area.

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  1. The area is also well-known for what have become known as the ‘monster’s teeth’. These are rocks in the water called the Faraglioni. There are only three of these rocks, but they are always easy to spot! In fact, many people choose to tour them via boat, particularly as local lore and legend states that passing through them is thought to be very lucky indeed!
  2. You’ll likely have seen Capri on TV and in the movies plenty of times. In fact, you may well have seen the Faraglioni rocks show up on a few advertising campaigns over the years.
  3. Only around 20% of Capri’s population at any given time is made up of locals! That means at least 80% of the people you’ll see on the island are visiting from overseas – and why not, indeed!

Facts about Capri

  1. The small surface area of the island, coupled with the fact the area is hugely popular with tourists, has led to some measures where officials try to curb how many people can visit!
  2. Most of the tourists heading to Capri actually arrive from Naples, and often from Sorento. That’s because the island proves to be a fantastic day trip excursion for those who may be staying elsewhere in Italy.
  3. Believe it or not, there are restrictions in place to stop tourists from driving around Capri in the summer. That’s because of the narrow roads and the general tiny space available on the island itself!

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