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15 Great Facts about The Gambia

Looking to increase your knowledge of the big wide world and improve your chances of winning the next pub quiz? Take a look at these fun facts about The Gambia…

1. Where is The Gambia?

Gambia is a small, long and thin country in West Africa which follows the winding course of the Gambia River.

It is bordered by Senegal to the north, east and south, with a coastline along the North Atlantic Ocean to the west.

The coordinates for Gambia are 13.4667° N, 16.6000°.

2. How can I call Gambia?

Want to call your friends in Gambia? You’ll need the international dialing which is +220.

3. It’s mainly wet and hilly here.

The terrain here is mostly flood plain along the Gambia River, flanked by some low hills and luscious forests.

Flag of The Gambia

Flag of The Gambia

4. Gambia is actually pretty small.

The total land area of Gambia is 4,361 square miles (11,295 square kilometers). This makes Gambia the smallest country in mainland Africa.

5. Gambia’s population is mainly home-grown.

Gambia’s population was 2.487 million in 2021. Much of the population descends from different tribes including Serahuli, Fula, Wolof and Mandinka.

6. What’s the capital of Gambia?

The capital is Banjul which covers an area of 4.6 square miles (12 square kilometers) and has a population of 35,000 (2019).

7. Life expectancy here is fairly short.

The average life span here is 62.38 years (2020).

8. Gambia was under British rule for a long time.

The Gambia was a British colony for two hundred years – from 1765 until 1965!

9. It’s often warm here, but there is respite.

The residents of Gambia enjoy a tropical climate with 2 seasons. The hot, rainy season is from June to November and the cooler, dry season is from November to May.

Banjul, the capital city of Gambia

Banjul, the capital city of Gambia

10. Do people speak English in Gambia?

The official language of Gambia is English, although Mandinka, Wolof and Fula are also spoken here.

11. Sales patter doesn’t exist out here.

In Gambia, business deals are apparently based on relationships and trust, rather than salesmanship.

12. Here’s a fascinating societal fact…

Allegedly, no area of Gambia is populated by a single ethnic group.

Blue brested Kingfisher

Blue brested Kingfisher

13. We could learn a thing or two!

During elections, Gambians vote using a stone or marble in a private booth; they are presented with holes in the ground marked with each candidate, they drop the stone in the hole they choose and done! Very eco-friendly – saves on paper!

14. What should you spend in The Gambia?

The Gambian Dalasi is the official currency here.

15. Gambian industries and exports really do vary.

Gambia grows peanuts, rice, sorghum and millet, rears cattle, sheep and goats and catches fish.

Its industry consists of tourism, fish, processing peanuts, beverages and agricultural machinery assembly.

Gambia also exports fish, peanut products, palm kernels and cotton lint.

Serrakunda, Gambia

Serrakunda, a market town in The Gambia

FAQs about The Gambia

Is The Gambia a safe country to visit?

The Gambia is reportedly fairly safe as a tourist destination, however, petty crime can be a problem in the cities.

Do I need a visa to visit The Gambia?

That depends on where you are visiting from. If you are a European or EU National, you normally won’t need one. Make sure to check with your national embassy in The Gambia before you travel.

What’s the weather like in Gambia in the winter?

In wintertime, you can normally expect temperatures as low as around 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Not bad at all!

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