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31 Jubilant Facts about Jesus

Jesus Christ remains one of the most famous figures in history. His status and his work, however, remains disputed by various people and bodies, from those who tell his stories in the Bible’s Old Testament, to those who are aware of his teachings through Judaism as well as in Islam. There are even atheists and agnostics who believe that Jesus may have existed, though they do not necessarily believe that he is connected with God.

However, Jesus was widely believed to have been the son of the creator, born to a virgin and whose life is celebrated across hundreds of festivals and ceremonies all over the world. To this day, the name of Jesus Christ is well-known all over the globe in many different denominations and churches. Take a look at some interesting facts about Jesus Christ, and figures surrounding his legacy which are worth remembering…

  1. While Jesus Christ may well be one of the most recognizable names of all time, his actual life and work is still very much mysterious. He is regarded in multiple ancient texts and is worshipped by many different religions!
  2. The original Hebrew name for Jesus is ’Yeshua’. This may even be the origin of the name ‘Joshua’.
  3. Jesus Christ was prophesied in the ‘Old Testament’ of the Bible, as it is referred to in Christianity, and from the Hebrew Bible.

facts about jesus

  1. The facts surrounding the birth of Jesus are questionable in terms of precise times, location and who was present.
  2. It’s thought that Jesus had black hair and dark skin.
  3. However, Christmas Day, traditionally celebrated as the birth date of Christ, is held all over the world on December 25th.
  1. The three ‘Kings’ who visited Jesus’ birth were said to present gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Frankincense is made from the sap of a tree known as ‘Boswellia Sacra’. It is thought to have medicinal qualities.
  2. Myrrh is a resin substance used to help various medical conditions. It comes from the trees known as ‘Commiphora Myrra’.
  3. In Islam – not just in Christianity – Jesus is considered a Messiah and a Prophet.

facts about jesus

  1. Historical records suggest that Jesus worked as a Carpenter in Galilee until around 30 years of age.
  2. Jesus is said to have refused a drink of wine and myrrh at his crucifixion, despite the fact he stated he was thirsty.
  3. In 2012, historical documents were unearthed that suggested that Jesus married a woman known as Mary Magdalene, and that they had two children.
  4. Professor Karen Ling, an expert in Christianity, confirmed that a fragment of the document stated that Jesus had married. It was a copy of ‘Coptic script’ dating back to the 2nd century and which was probably originally written as a Gospel, in Greek.
  5. The two men crucified at the same time as Jesus were punished as thieves. Their names were Dismas and Gestas.
  6. Jesus was crucified for the supposed crime of ‘blasphemy’ as it was claimed he ‘professed to be King of the Jews’.

facts about jesus

  1. Crucifixion literally translates into ‘nailed to a cross’. It’s been regarded by many across the centuries as one of the cruellest ways to die.
  2. The famous ‘Turin Shroud’ causes much debate. Following crucifixion, it is known that some bodies were wrapped in lengths of cloth. The Turin Shroud is claimed to be the cloth in which the body of Jesus was wrapped.
  3. When the shroud was first found, it was seen to have the body of a man in silhouette marked onto it.
  4. Measurements of the marks on the shroud indicate that the man was 5 feet 7 inches tall, and there is evidence he wore a ‘crown of thorns’. There are other marks of blood stain, indicating the places where Jesus bled from the nails in his hands and feet.
  5. The shroud came to light in 1354 and it was placed on show at an exhibition in 1389. Controversy surrounded the authenticity of the shroud with various tests taking place on the fabric and marks.
  6. Romans are said to have auctioned what little robes and clothing he had at the time of his crucifixion.

facts about jesus

  1. Jesus is said to have had his own ‘man cave’ of sorts! It’s recorded that he has his own retreat in the form of the Eremos Cave.
  2. Believe it or not, this is where the phrase ‘hermit’ comes from – was Jesus the original hermit?
  3. Contrary to some readings of the Bible, Pontius Pilate actually agreed for Jesus to go free. However, the people chose to continue with his crucifixion.
  4. It’s thought that Jesus actually had a fairly large family. He’s said to come from a family of at least six other siblings, though no one is really clear if he was the oldest.
  5. In fact, we know a little bit about what Jesus’ brother James reportedly went into. It’s said that he became a church leader in Jerusalem.
  6. As a result of Jesus reportedly ceasing carpentry by the age of 30, we can assume that he didn’t start his teachings until later in life.

facts about jesus

  1. The road Jesus took towards the cross is known as the Via Dolorosa. This roughly translates as ‘the way of suffering’.
  2. Various texts appear to suggest that Jesus was keen to reform society rather than to create a new religion. Of course, interpretation of his teachings and work can vary from religion to religion, as well as from Gospel to Gospel.
  3. Painfully, it’s thought that Jesus passed away seven hours after bleeding out on the cross he was nailed to.
  4. It’s thought that Jesus may be buried in Jerusalem. There is a tomb where he is supposedly buried, though this appears to have been constructed some 300 years after his passing.

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