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18 Scintillating Facts about South Carolina

South Carolina, a state found towards the South East of the USA, is often one of the sunniest and most popular with people looking to hit the beach.  However, there is more to SC than just sand and sun, and as we’re about to find out, there is plenty of history to dive into.

Here are 18 fun facts about South Carolina you may not already know.

  1. South Carolina is known for being the location of the first major battle in the US Civil War. It started, officially, at Fort Sumter.
  2. The state is home to the oldest minor league baseball venue in the USA, at Duncan Park in Spartanburg.
  3. There are around five million people living in South Carolina.
Flag of South Carolina

Flag of South Carolina

  1. Some of the biggest stars to come out of the state include Godfather of Soul James Brown, tennis star Althea Gibson, and Wheel of Fortune’s Vanna White.
  2. South Carolina has around 187 miles of coastline, with 2876 miles of shoreline, ranking it as one of the top 11 states for outer coast in the US.
  3. Johnston, South Carolina, is said to have the honor of being the ‘capital of the world’ when it comes to peach growth.
  1. South Carolina has its own island which is famous for being home to over 3,500 primates. Fittingly, it is called Monkey Island, and has a unique free-range colony of rhesus monkeys.
  2. South Carolina is small enough to fit into Alaska, the largest state in the US, up to 21 times!
  3. No other states in the US grow tea from the land – South Carolina has that unique honor. In fact, there is a famous ‘sweet tea trail’ in Summerville, where visitors can sample local brews and learn more about the drink’s history in the region.
facts about south carolina

Penn Center, St. Helena Island, South Carolina, United States

  1. It’s thought that people have been living in South Carolina for over 15,000 years, and Europeans first reached here in the early 16th Century.
  2. The state is also home to the biggest waterfall cascade in the US, the Upper Whitewater Walls. If you were to measure them, you’d find that they extend up to 411 feet!
  3. South Carolina is no stranger to being hit by tornadoes, with around ten usually crashing across the state each spring on average.
  4. The state is also booming with tourism. It’s thought over 28 million people intentionally travel to and visit South Carolina year on year.
  5. Charleston is the oldest and largest city in of South Carolina.
  6. The biggest outdoor sculpture park, or collection, is based in Brookgreen Gardens.
interesting facts about South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina

  1. The capital of Columbia’s Riverbanks Zoo also takes a note from Monkey Island, allowing over 2,000 animals to roam free without traditional cages. The zoo creates habitats which mimic those the animals would normally have come from.
  2. South Carolina was once referred to as the Iodine State, but over the years, this name has changed to the Palmetto State.
  3. Movies as diverse as Full Metal Jacket and The Notebook were filmed and set in South Carolina.

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